20 Free Crochet Afghan Patterns to Mix and Match
from the Chain Reaction Crochet Afghan Project

  Crochet Me Chain Reaction Crochet Afghan Project eBook

The Chain Reaction Afghan Project is so much more than a collection of free crochet afghan patterns, it’s the start to making a difference through sharing the joy of crocheting. This year-long celebration began with crochet afghan pattern submissions from favorite designers, combined with the ten reader’s choices.

Once the afghan crochet patterns were all created, the team at Interweave Crochet assembled the afghan, then auctioned it off to charity. Now that our afghan is complete, we've collected all twenty crochet afghan squares along with all the crochet afghan instructions you will need and put them together in this handy eBook.

Get ready to explore the many versatile options that crocheted afghans have to offer. Beginners will love learning how to crochet a blanket one easy square at a time, while more experienced crocheters will love tackling design elements such as cables and Tunisian. What are you waiting for? Download your eBook and start your own chain reaction with the help of these free afghan patterns to crochet!


Chain Reaction Crochet Afghan Project from Crochet Me

Learn how to crochet an afghan and take your pick from 20 wonderful designs with this free download:
Chain Reaction Crochet Afghan Project eBook

Gather up your crochet group and make a Chain Reaction Afghan together! Of course, you can also make crochet afghans on your own, but enjoying the process together makes it even more fun. This free eBook is a great tool for learning new stitches and color combinations too. Use the colors we selected, make your own color choices or make a colorful stash-buster crocheted afghan. Start creating crochet afghans today!

Learn how to crochet an afghan

Take your pick of 20 free afghan crochet patterns to make up your own unique afghan today!

Crocheted afghans are the staple of crocheting. What makes this project different from so many others, is that you are working with 20 individual afghan crochet patterns, so you can select one, select them all, or anything in-between to make up your design. Plus, with the helpful glossary of techniques and crochet afghan instructions, you will have everything you need to start and finish. This is the biggest collection of free crochet afghan patterns and instructions for how to crochet an afghan that we have ever offered. Take advantage of expert designs, tips, and techniques, all in one handy eBook! Download your collection today!

  Crochet Me Chain Reaction Crochet Afghan Project eBook

Circles Squared Ring Circles in a multitude of colors adds visual interest to the Circles Squared Ring by Kathy Merrick Learn to join motifs as you go with this easy crochet afghan square.   Double Twist Double Twist by Drew Emborsky uses front and back post crochet stitches to create rows of ribbed cables. This easy crochet afghan pattern begins with an elastic foundation double crochet base and uses a quickly memorized pattern repeat..
Framed Flower In Framed Flower Edie Eckman used textured bead stitches to frame a 3-D center flower.   Making Links Making Links by Kristin Omdahl creates a beautiful crocheted lace square using X stitches. A detailed stitch diagram makes pattern easier to visualize.
Tunisian Cables Tunisian Cables by Angela Grabowski uses a fun technique to create cables. This intermediate crochet afghan pattern also uses Tunisian reverse-purl stitch, Tunisian knit stitch, and Tunisian simple stitch.   Lotus Blossom Lotus Blossom by Robyn Chachula uses cluster stitches and picots to create a bright, lace afghan square. A beautiful stitch diagram illustrates each stitch.
Woven Arrowheads Woven Arrowheads by Lily M. Chin can be oriented vertically or horizontally. Chain stitches are used to create the eye-catching arrowhead pattern.   Picture Frame Picture Frame by Lisa Naskrent elegantly combines cluster shells and front post double crochets to create a dense, lace crocheted afghan square.
Log Cabin Petals Log Cabin Petals by Annette Petavy builds logs of color around a crocheted spoke. This easy afghan crochet square is inspired by heirloom log cabin quilts.   Tapestry Crochet Heart Tapestry Crochet Heart by Carol Ventura uses traditional tapestry techniques to create four fanciful hearts.
Woven Threads Woven Threads by April Garwood is comprised of twelve patterned strips that are woven and held together with a two round edging.   Circle Star Circle Star by Julie Yeager begins with a crocheted cluster star at its center. The lacey edging worked around this crocheted star forms a circle and then a square.
Crochet Flower Pattern #1: Colorful Crochet Flowers Circles Around by Julie Yeager pairs a multi-colored spiral with four satellite circles and a double crochet border.   Crochet Flower Pattern #1: Colorful Crochet Flowers Intertwining Loops by Victoria Hewerdine Thornton crosses crocheted chains to create intertwining loops.
Zigzag Zigzag by Judith Bailey merges color, stripes, and zigzags to create a unique pattern. This easy square ties together all six of the afghan’s colors.   Snow at Midnight Snow at Midnight by Marion Braum works into alternate rounds to create an intricate chain snowflake on a solid, double crochet background.
Dilly Dahlia Dilly Dahlia by Margaret MacInnis uses simple double crochet stitches and chain stitch corner increases to draw attention to a cluster flower at the center of this square.   Ripples on a Coral Reef Ripples on a Coral Reef by Victoria Hewerdine Thornton is a crochet ripple afghan pattern that uses chain loops and double crochet stitches to create an openwork lace square inspired by water ripples.
Over Under Square Over Under Square by D. Jacob “Jake” Wildstrom weaves five double crochet rectangles in an easy over/under pattern to create this intricate afghan square.   Lace Square Lace Square by Julie Yeager uses shells and chains to create a traditional lace square.

What are you waiting for? Get your free afghan crochet patterns right away!

The Chain Reaction Afghan, a yearlong online and print venture, links the work of professional and emerging designers in a single, twenty-square afghan. We asked well-known designers to create squares that embodied their distinct styles. These ten patterns were published in the Summer 2010 and Fall 2010 issues of Interweave Crochet. Then we asked you to load images of your original designs on Crochet Me. Ten of these member submitted squares were selected for publication in the Winter 2010 and Spring 2011 issues of Interweave Crochet. Once it was all said and done the final afghan was assembled and edged by Interweave Crochet editor Marcy Smith and auctioned off for charity.

You can now enjoy this exclusive selection of crochet afghan patterns and learn how to crochet a blanket of your own. Make one of each square or design your own afghan crochet pattern using a selection of patterns. When you’re done, be sure you share your finished blanket in our Crochet Me photo gallery. We're ready if you are, just download today to get started.

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Chain Reaction Crochet Afghan Project from Crochet Me

Free crochet afghan instructions

Start a chain reaction with these free crochet afghan patterns.

Want some afghan fun? Twenty designs for afghan squares have been collected together into this one free eBook. Plus, you will get the instructions for creating the final afghan crochet pattern, all when you download today for free!

  Crochet Me Chain Reaction Crochet Afghan Project eBook