DIY Crochet Purses and Bags: 7 Free Crochet Bag Patterns

Bags are a great way to practice your stitches with speedy results. Plus when you’re done you get to carry them around to show off! Bags might not be the first crochet accessory you think to make but thanks to this free pattern collection, they are sure to be on your mind from now on.

Inside of this exclusive download you’ll find seven patterns from some of our go-to designers—a gorgeous addition to any collection.

If you need a small crocheted handbag to hold your cell phone or you need a large crochet tote bag to fit your books, you’ll find them here. How about a crochet messenger bag or something with color? Whether you are going to the grocery store or a night out on the town, these designs will help you find crochet bags patterns for all types of outings. Download your seven patterns to find your next perfect bag.

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With this free eBook you’ll have seven bag designs right at your fingertips as well as a fantastic tutorial on needle felting. The variety of patterns we’ve included in this convenient eBook means you’ll be able to get started with the perfect usable bag right away.

We also made sure to include a crochet shopping bag pattern, the perfect washable and reusable bag. These patterns are only a click away! Simply enter your email to download these free crochet bag and crochet purse patterns.

Crochet Shopping Bag Pattern: Farmer's Market Tote by Judith L. Swartz

Pattern #1

Farmer’s Market Tote by Judith L. Swartz

This classic mesh tote is an ideal shopping bag. The extra-sturdy closed bottom and sturdy, long should handle keep the bag secure. Large enough to hold a week’s worth of produce from the farmer’s market and yet small enough to tote a baguette; this lightweight yet powerful tote is collapsible and can be folded up small to keep it handy. The linen yarn provides strength without bulk, and the loose stitches keep this tote flexible. It’s so useful, this crochet tote bag pattern is one every crocheter should keep in their stash!

Crochet Bag Pattern: Handy Utility Cases by Judith L. Swartz

Pattern #2

Handy Utility Cases by Judith L. Swartz

These cases by Judith L. Swartz will help keep your electronic devices safe. It’s easy to modify to fit the size of your particular device and is a great learning project for young crocheters. This design even includes directions for personalizing with cross-stitch. These handy little cases are perfectly designed to hold your cell phone and other devices in your purse or on yourself with the optional straps.

Crochet Shoulder Bag Pattern: Chevron Shoulder Bag by Grace Talcott

Pattern #3

Chevron Shoulder Bag by Grace Talcott

This shoulder bag is a fun accessory for tweens. This purse features an easy to learn ripple stitch that is perfect for taking beginning crocheters to the next level. Just pull your favorite colors from your stash and start stitching! Zigzags of vibrantly colored stripes punctuated with tassels make a pointed statement in this enchanting accessory. Ethnic inspiration translates into a current interpretation while silky pima cotton adds a natural luster.

Crochet Purse Pattern: Slouchy Purse by Drew Emborsky

Pattern #4

Slouchy Purse by Drew Emborsky

This crochet handbag pattern goes to the office as easily as it goes out on the town. Just right for a phone, notebook, and a few other essentials, the resulting bags made from this pattern are a perfect size. The short handle is great, but it’s easy to lengthen if you prefer. Inspired by the popular hobo bag, this purse juxtaposes the classic look of ribbed stitches with the casual soft and slouchy shape that is so popular. This bag will fit all your purse essentials and best of all, it is very simple to make.

Crocheted Bag Pattern: Larger Than Life Bag by Cecily Keim

Pattern #5

Larger Than Life Bag by Cecily Keim

This bag is a serious go-to crochet bags pattern that will showcase your favorite yarns in motifs. Always a show stopper, this oversized crochet shoulder bag is ready to haul yarn, books, and projects, and it can be a dramatic exhibit of your personality and skill. You can make it as colorful as you’d like by making each motif a different color, or matching them. Express yourself in bigger and bolder crochet way—add this crochet bag pattern to the top of your list!

Crochet Tote Bag Pattern: Message in a Flower Bag by Jill Wright

Pattern #6

Message in a Flower Bag by Jill Wright

This messenger crochet shoulder bag is made sturdy by felting it. Unspun (or untwisted) yarn is then used to needle-felt a design onto the flap. Make the pretty pansies shown or make up your own design. Needle felting takes a bit to master, but with the helpful guidance of the crochet expert Jill Wright, you’ll be able to create your own designs in no time.

Crochet Messenger Bag Pattern by Julie Armstrong Holetz

Pattern #7

The Messenger Bag by Julie Armstrong Holetz

This crochet messenger bag is a great introduction to felting and colorwork. Blocks of color are crocheted into the front of this fun crochet bag pattern. Then circles are cut out of the front flap to show off the pop of color. Embroidered blanket stitch embellishes the cut-outs and edges of this crochet bag for a unique finishing touch.

What are you waiting for? Download your free crochet bags patterns!

Need a break from those larger, more detailed crochet projects? Crocheting bags is a great way to getting fast yet stunning results. No matter what style you prefer, this collection of seven free bag, handbag, and crochet purse patterns will have something you’ll fall in love with! If you love to crochet, don’t wait to download these incredibly stylish bag patterns!

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