How to Crochet Granny Squares with Crochet Me:
8 Free Granny Square Patterns

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The granny square is the foundation of many beautiful crochet patterns, so here we pay homage to this versatile technique by offering eight gorgeous free granny square crochet patterns. This free eBook from the expert designers at Crochet Me is sure to inspire you to pick up your crochet hook and start crocheting (and joining) granny squares! From quick and portable patterns, to intricate and more advanced patterns, the granny square is a fantastic way to express your personal style. Download your free copy, grab your yarn, and granny square crochet with your friends at Crochet Me.

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How to Crochet Granny Squares with Crochet Me:8 Free Granny Square Patterns

Granny squares are the heart of crochet and the building blocks for all sorts of projects. With endless variations, from solid stitch squares to flowery squares, learning how to crochet granny squares will allow you to make granny square afghans, socks, bags scarves, and more! Here, we present you with 8 free granny square patterns, taking you from a simple bracelet to a classic granny square afghan to a lovely vest. Whether you're just learning how to crochet granny squares, or you're a long time enthusiast, this eBook is filled with colorful illustrations and helpful instructions that are sure to please. Check out these fabulous free granny square patterns and claim your free eBook!

granny square crochet blanket

Free Granny Square Pattern #1
Light and Shadow Blanket by Judith L. Swartz

The granny square does what it does best in this free granny square pattern. Judith L. Swartz organizes the usual scrappy look into a color-shading blanket based on a quilt pattern. The classic granny square crochet afghan has become an icon of comfort and home, but here we give it a contemporary look. Bulky yarn allows you to work up this version quickly. Playing with four values of the three different colors and viewing the granny square crochet blanket on the diagonal takes your eye from night to day and back to night.

granny square crochet bag

Free Granny Square Pattern #2
Messenger Bag by Judith L. Swartz

With this free granny square pattern, Judith L. Swartz uses a four-round granny square as the building block, then, joining granny squares creates a classic bag perfect for traveling around town. Styled after a bicycle messenger bag, it's great on the bike or off. Constructed from traditional crochet granny squares, this retro-inspired bag looks contemporary once again. Wear it crisscrossed over the shoulder and landing at the hip. The adjustable strap allows for a personal fit.

granny square crochet sweater pullover

Free Granny Square Pattern #3
Child's Boho Blocks Pullover by Valentina Devine

Valentina Devine designed this darling (yet chic!) child’s granny square sweater to match her Boho Blocks Cardigan in the Fall 2006 issue of Interweave Crochet. This granny square crochet pattern is made from strips of square motifs that are slip-stitched together, with a clever underarm gusset created by folding one granny square motif in half. Holding two strands of a variegated yarn together creates a rich marled look—play with colors to make your own unique granny square crochet sweater!


granny square crochet scarf

Free Granny Square Pattern #4
Kaleidoscope Scarf by Judith L. Swartz

You can have it all with this granny square scarf—the intricacy of modular granny square motifs, the softest, most delicate yarn imaginable, and vibrant color combinations that are both gossamer and bold. Made up of the Sow Thistle Square Motif, a circle that blooms into a square, this free granny square pattern will make a fantastic addition to your wardrobe!

granny square crochet headband

Free Granny Square Pattern #5
Four Corners Headband by MK Carroll

The granny squares in the Four Corners Headband by MK Carroll are made up of solid stitches rather than shells, that better show off pretty color-changing yarn. Each granny square motif takes an average of ten to fifteen minutes to crochet! With some joining granny squares and quick finishing, you could have one of these granny square crochet headbands to match every outfit.

Granny Square Crochet Bracelet

Free Granny Square Pattern #6
Bangle Bracelet by Marilyn Murphy

Crocheted accessories are everywhere right now and the Bangle Bracelet by Marilyn Murphy is a perfect place to begin. The inspiration for this free granny square crochet pattern came from Marilyn Murphy's love for bangle bracelets and the ability to size it simply by increasing or decreasing granny squares. Plus it was fast and portable to work on while traveling.

granny square crochet socks

Free Granny Square Pattern #7
Beaux Jestes Socks by Tracy St. John

Tracy St. John's Beaux Jestes Socks pay homage to two classic afghan patterns: granny squares and ripples. These cozy granny crochet socks bring to mind granny square afghans from eras passed, comforting and nostalgic with two-round granny square motifs that let you play with color—it's a great stashbuster if you have some sock-weight remnants. Choose one cuff option for both socks or make one of each for a playful pair. Both options use the same instr uctions for the foot portion, which is easily tailored to fit the length of your foot.

granny square crochet sweater vest

Free Granny Square Pattern #8
Gladiolus Vest by Robyn Chachula

Inspired by the shape of a gladiolus flower, designer Robyn Chachula mimicked the sharp points at the tips of the petals on the square motifs composing this granny square pattern. Stitch diagrams clearly show the variations on this elegant granny square full motif, half motif, three-quarter motif and quarter motif-and guide you through joining granny squares to create this lovely vest. Each of the joining granny squares is connected at the point to create a geometric fabric with subtle texture and flattering drape. Short tabs are used in the stylish buckle closure.

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The basic granny square is a series of shells worked with increases at the corners to create a square. You'll find directions for the basic granny square motif on page 5 and tips for joining the motifs on page 14. If you're just venturing into granny squares, we have some great starter projects.

Put your personality into each free crochet granny pattern—smiles guaranteed! Get your free copy of How to Crochet Granny Squares with Crochet Me: 8 Free Granny Square Patterns right now! Whether you are new to crocheting or an experienced veteran, you'll appreciate the helpful "how to" crochet granny squares instructions, colorful illustrations, and eight different free granny square patterns to chose from.

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How to Crochet Granny Squares with Crochet Me:8 Free Granny Square Patterns

How to Crochet Granny Squares with Crochet Me:8 Free Granny Square Patterns

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How to Crochet Granny Squares with Crochet Me:
8 Free Granny Square Patterns

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