10 Most Loved Free Crochet Lace Patterns

Fall in Love with Lace and Learn Beautiful Crochet Lace Techniques

Little thread, tinier hooks, delicate intricacies of the stitches and patterns, doesn’t it seem like nearly everything is better if it has just a bit of crocheted lace embellishing it? Lace adds a light sophisticated touch to crochet. Lace patterns don’t have to be worked in thread or lace-weight yarn either. You can create amazing crochet lace fabric with DK or worsted-weight yarn as well. If you’re fascinated by the art of crocheting lace, this collection of patterns is a must-have!

In this eBook we have compiled lace projects that use a variety of techniques, including broomstick lace, Bruges lace, Tunisian lace, filet crochet, and other favorite crochet lace stitches. These ten free crochet lace patterns will help you learn a new technique as you create lace that will be treasured for years. Dive into the wonders of lace and download the free eBook today.

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Download your free crochet lace pattern eBook.
Learn how to crochet lace with each of these free patterns, including how to filet crochet and broomstick lace crochet.

From traditional lace and filet crochet to broomstick lace crochet, this eBook has a little bit of everything for you!

Worked in any yarn from the finest thread to bulky weight, lace is great for both warm and cool weather projects. Let each of these expert designers give you the tools you need to learn how to crochet lace fabric and create fine and delicate lace patterns. These 10 lace crochet patterns might just get you hooked on a new passion. Download your free eBook to get started today.

Corset Belt by Sandi Wiseheart

Pattern #1

Corset Belt by Sandi Wiseheart

Inspired by such Hollywood stars as Queen Latifah, this easy crochet belt pattern is crocheted using suede and accented with three crocheted flowers. Corset belts can be worn high or low, to accentuate your own favorite curves.

Broomstick Lace Crochet Capelet by Kate Pullen

Pattern #2

Broomstick Lace Capelet by Kate Pullen

Looking for broomstick lace patterns? Light and airy, this crochet capelet pattern by Kate Pullen combines mohair and silk yarn with broomstick lace to create a capelet with the perfect combination of elegance and practicality. Surprisingly warm, this accessory provides and entry level crochet broomstick lace tutorial that highlights the beauty of the technique. Stylish enough for an evening out and cozy enough for an evening stroll, the capelet makes a beautiful addition to many outfits.

Crochet Lace Scarf: Crocus Scarf by Laura Rintala

Pattern #3

Crocus Scarf by Laura Rintala

Laura Rintala’s design lends the perfect crocheted lace touch to your spring ensemble. This easy crochet lace scarf pattern is crocheted from luscious silk and begins with a simple fan-lace pattern.

Tunisian Lacy Crochet Scarf: Tunisian Lace Ascot by Ellen K. Gormley

Pattern #4

Tunisian Lace Ascot by Ellen K. Gormley

If you want to learn Tunisian crochet, this ascot by Ellen K. Gormley is a great introduction. This quick and simple crochet lace scarf pattern transitions seamlessly through the seasons, and the easily memorized crochet lace pattern makes it an ideal travel project. Though simple, the result is elegant and practical.

Crocheted Lace Bracelet: Victorian-Inspired Lace Bracelet by Sarah Read

Pattern #5

Victorian-Inspired Lace Bracelet by Sarah Read

Don’t let the tiny hook and thread fool you—this charming crochet lace pattern works up quickly. This victorian inspired bracelet is reminiscent of historic thread crochet. Inspired by vintage Weldon’s patterns, this charming lace bracelet makes a fast gift and shifts effortlessly from elegant to modern.

Filet Crochet Frame by Toni Rexroat

Pattern #6

Filet Crochet Frame by Toni Rexroat

Are you looking for an introduction to filet crochet patterns or simply a fabulous quick and easy crochet gift or home décor piece? This elegant edging is perfect for framing a picture frame. Grab this project for a free filet crochet charts lesson, plus all the basics on how to filet crochet. You’ll also discover how open and double crochet mesh is used to create images in crochet, all with this filet crochet tutorial.

Lady Blue Warmer by Renee Barnes

Pattern #7

Lady Blue Warmer by Renee Barnes

This warmer is sassier than a snood, comelier than a cowl, and cuter than a capelet. The lace fabric of this crochet cowl is warm and elegant—the perfect layer for a little black dress or a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Delicate beads crocheted at the edge give a bit of weight for ease of wearing and a touch of sparkle.

Esther Shawl by Lana Holden

Pattern #8

Esther Shawl by Lana Holden

This shawl uses four-petaled motifs worked in two-passes to create a lace fabric with plenty of drape. This crochet lace shawl has a trapezoid shape and bias stretch. Try working it in a fun variegated yarn or a luscious solid skein.

Tassel Scarf by Alla Kova

Pattern #9

Tassel Scarf by Alla Kova

The Tassel Scarf is a lace scarf with an unusual shape. You can wear it as a scarf, a lace cowl, or even a belt. But the best part of this beautiful design is the eye-catching tassels. If tassels aren’t your thing, you can work the scarf without them, but you have to admit they are fun.

Bruges Border by Natasha Robarge

Pattern #10

Bruges Border by Natasha Robarge

This border pattern is a simple and elegant lace edging. Embellish anything from a t-shirt to a skirt or apron. This crochet Bruges lace border which is addictive to work and easy to memorize, will quickly become a favorite.

Ready to fall in love with the romantic and vintage look of lace? Download your FREE lace crochet patterns today!

If you love a good lace pattern, you are sure to treasure this beautiful free eBook! Inside you’ll find 10 creative crochet lace ideas with color photos, easy to read directions, lace stitch diagrams as well as helpful tips from the designers. From easy to intermediate, you’ll discover a great entry level broomstick lace tutorial, a fun lacy crochet scarf pattern, a filet crochet tutorial, a beautiful bead lace cowl and much more. Grab them all in this exclusive free download.

Learn how to make this crochet scarf pattern, and all sorts of beautiful lace with this free eBook.