Crochet tunic, crochet top, and crochet cardigan patterns from Interweave Crochet

Explore the Interweave Crochet Summer Galleries and learn how to crochet tops that fit perfectly!

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For crocheters, summer is the time to explore new fresh designs. The Summer Galleries from Interweave Crochet feature 4 beautiful crochet tops for women, perfect for the warmer weather, and a lot of fun to crochet. With beautiful images and instructions from the editor, the galleries feature every day women modeling creations from Interweave Crochet. These real life examples help you visualize your finished crocheted tops and choose the right style for your project. Take a look at these fabulous crochet tank top, crochet tunic, crochet blouse and crochet cardigan patterns. See how they look on different body types and learn how to alter your crochet tops before you even get started!

Looking for a unique crochet cardigan? Note sure how to tailor a crochet tunic pattern to your body type? Needing a perfectly fitted crochet tank top or a pretty crochet blouse to go with your new skirt? We have you covered!

Sit back and enjoy the Summer 2011
Interweave Crochet Galleries!

Crochet Tops

Presented by Crochet Me:
Crochet Tunic, Crochet Top, and Crochet Cardigan Patterns
from Interweave Crochet

These four crochet top patterns feature delicate pattern stitches and are perfect for warmer weather. These darling designs for women's crochet tops are both elegant and practical. Get a sneak peek at what each pattern looks like on models of all body types and shapes. From a crochet cardigan sweater to a crochet tank top, you'll find the right crochet top pattern to keep you busy this summer. View the gallery now and have fun picking your favorites!

Get the summer inspiration you've been looking for! The Trillium Crochet Tunic can be used as a crochet tank top, a crochet cover up, or even for evening wear. The Chamomile Crochet Cardigan features broomstick lace and regular crochet pattern stitches in a design with roomy armholes, perfect for layering. The Arboretum Crochet Cardigan is an elegant addition to wear to the office, but also a beautiful tailored vest for late summer afternoons. Finally, the Pinecone Crochet Top is a fun bamboo thread crochet garment ready for a day trip to town or country. Enjoy!

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Easy Crochet Hats

Arboretum Crochet Cardigan

By Annette PetavyInterweave Crochet Summer 2011

This colorwork cardigan is crocheted in an easy V-stitch pattern. It is adorned with crocheted flower motifs that can be placed anywhere on the cardigan or could also double as a brooch. The gallery gals loved the classic shape of this crocheted cardigan, though there was a differing of opinion on exactly how many buttons should be used. You can work all three buttons or use a dramatic single button at the neckline. For a less romantic look, you can also replace the flowers with crocheted geometric shapes in contrast colors and apply them.

Classic Crochet Hat Pattern

Chamomile Crochet Cardigan

By Doris Chan Interweave Crochet Spring 2011

Broomstick lace integrates beautifully with regular crochet pattern stitches in this cap-sleeve cardigan with a soft collar that drapes around the shoulders and folds over to form the open V front. The gallery gals loved the flexibility of the lace pattern in this comfortable crocheted cardigan. The simple, straight, hip-length body is easily adjusted for length. Stretchy and forgiving in fit, this crocheted cardigan may be worn loosely open in front, or overlapped and wrapped with a belt. Each person who tried this versatile sweater on moved the placement of the belt, creating a customized fit.


Crochet Beret Pattern

Pinecone Crochet Top

By Annastasia CruzInterweave Crochet Summer 2011

Inspired by the vintage doily, this short-sleeve crochet top was made using bamboo thread crochet. This intermediate level raglan tee is constructed in the round and features a V-stitch bodice, picot edged sleeves, and a pretty lace edging. An elegant adaptation of the t-shirt, this crochet blouse was everyone’s favorite, and color ideas were flying as we photographed.

Crochet Lace Pattern

Trillium Crochet Tunic

By Natasha RobargeInterweave Crochet Summer 2011

A woman’s lace tunic with a drop waist motif band, this easy tunic pattern is worked in an open stitch pattern. The gallery gals loved the retro quality of this tunic, and styling opinions were varied—from a bathing suit crochet cover-up to a crochet tank top and jeans to the little black dress worn in the magazine.

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Check out the Interweave Crochet Summer Galleries and discover these amazing crocheted tops worn and enjoyed by every day women. From crochet cover up to elegant crochet blouse, you will surely find what you're looking for. Enjoy seeing the final result of your future summer projects on real-life models with different body types and sizes. Have fun!

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