Alternative Coasters


by Robyn Chachula


Alernative CoastersUntil a few weeks ago, I thought “alternative fibers” meant eyelash yarn. Oh, how I was mistaken. Alternative fibers really mean anything you can get your hands on to crochet and knit with except yarn. The only limitation is your own creativity. My awakening happened at the Crochet and Knitting Conference in Valley Forge. My mom, sister, cousin, and I took a class on “alternative fibers.” It was fantastic. It was like being in camp again, sitting around the fire talking while trying to make lanyards; except there was no fire and we were trying to crochet with the gimp instead. Since then, I’ve been a woman on a mission. The mission is to crochet every material, paper to plastic, in sight. Recently, when Mother’s Day came around, I wanted to make my mom something with alternative fibers to say thank you for bringing me to class. That’s when these coasters were born.

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