Baby Dress, cute chevron skirt


Ruth del Valle


I was wondering a nice baby dress but very easy to do. I thought “I do not know any baby!!”), when it was done, I show it to my son and DIL. She found it so cute, and told me to sell it to her, as she has a friend with a newborn baby girl. Sell it to her?, No, no I told her to buy a variegated skein and I repeat the pattern, following now the instructions, but if you do not understand something please ask it to me. Remember my English is not that well!.

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About RuthD

 I live in Chile, PhD in Cell Biology, but I must run my farm, where we (my two grown up kids and me), grow organic avocados and lemons for export worldwide. But the 3 of us have different interests and careers. Me?, I love to knit, to crochet, my hands are always busy. Even I don't work in science anymore, I use all my knowledge in the farm, and the english, to read the patterns, stitches to create my own. It's wierd, I never understood a pattern in spanish, so my sweaters, tanks, all came out of my head, till I found that english ones were so easy to understand and fit much more my own personality.