Boho Belt


by Robyn Chachula


Boho Belt
Do you secretly love old doilies?  Well, my secret’s out, I do; but what I am I going to do with a bunch of doilies?  I’m not too into tablecloths or jar covers.  Then that magic crochet bug hit me, dissect them!  What I found is a deep love for the intricate edgings.  Go on check them out.  They are amazing.  Immediately I thought, BELT!  The stitch pattern below is an edging that has been around for over a hundred years, but in this setting you take all the fuddy-duddy out and are left with a great belt.  Very Bohemian, very hip, very now.  So next time grandma wants to give you another doily, say, thanks!  And start imagining all that you can re-create with it.

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