Free Amigurumi Pattern – Amigurumi Dude

by Kim Piper Werker

Free Amigurumi Pattern |


Amigurumi means “knitted or crocheted doll†in Japanese. They’re the simplest of simple, worked in the round in single crochet. I don’t even join my rounds, preferring to work in a spiral. The thing I love most about amigurumi is that their interest lies entirely in your imagination. There’s no clever design detail to woo your keen eye. No lovely stitch pattern to make you go “ah.†Just rounds of single crochet. The fun comes in the shapes you make, the colours you pick, and the embellishments you add on after the fact.To illustrate, check out the banner photo up there. Each Crochet me designer used the exact same pattern. So, my point has been made, no? We can’t wait to see what you’ll create. Share photos of your own Amigurumi Dudes on the
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