9 Baby Crochet Patterns Every Crocheter Should Have

Discover the Joy of Baby Crocheting with 9 Free Crochet Patterns

Creating a tiny work of crochet art to give to a special little one can be incredibly fulfilling and satisfying. Who can resist those tiny garments, booties, and other accessories? Crochet Me is happy to present our crochet loving friends with this collection of free patterns especially for baby, plus a few unique ideas for crocheted items that are perfect for Moms to be.

Each of these darling patterns make great stash busters and even give you a chance to work with a little luxury yarn. Best off all; these patterns will give you the inspiration to give just the right gift to a new little one. From crochet baby hats and booties to a beautiful blanket, dress, and sweater, this eBook is a must have collection. Get all nine patterns when you download your copy for free today!

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Get all nine free crochet patterns for babies in one easy-to-use eBook!
From a crochet baby blanket to sweater, hat, booties, and other garments, this free collection has it all!

Enjoy giving handmade crocheted baby gifts—Get started with these free crochet patterns for baby!

If you have been looking for a new crochet baby pattern, you’re sure to find just the right crochet solution in this free eBook. With genius solutions and instructions for how to crochet a baby blanket, and patterns for lovable crocheted baby hats, a crochet baby cardigan, and other garments, Crochet Me has you covered for all your baby crochet pattern needs.

Crochet baby patterns also provide us wonderful opportunities to not only make a cherished item for baby to enjoy, but to experiment with new stitch or construction techniques. Learning through smaller projects can help to improve garment and accessory construction when you work again on a larger scale. Whether you are new to crocheting or an experienced veteran, this free baby crochet patterns eBook has all the step by step instructions, photos and diagrams to guide you along the way. Get started making these beautiful crochet patterns with your free eBook today!

Magic Carpet Blanket by Melisa Darnieder

Pattern #1

Magic Carpet Blanket by Melisa Darnieder

This crochet baby blanket uses front post and back post double crochets to mimic the handstitched lines in the traditional Trip Around the World pattern. The thick, warm blanket works equally well as a blanket or play mat for little ones of all ages. Washable yarn makes this one easy to maintain and clean up.

Molly's Mukluks by Toni Rexroat

Pattern #2

Molly’s Mukluks by Toni Rexroat

These crochet booties are designed to keep the wee one’s feet warm in style. The tall shaft of the boot ensures these fashion-forward booties will stay on while the buttons make them easy to put on and take off. Crochet baby booties are really the perfect accessories for baby’s wardrobe.

Kathryn in Beauly Dress and Hat by Kathy Merrick

Pattern #3

Kathryn in Beauly Dress and Hat by Kathy Merrick

This crochet baby dress and matching hat are adorable when worn together or separately. Inspired by her niece, Kathy Merrick was reminded of the colors of the highlands around Beauly, Scotland, in spring when making this dress. The matching crochet baby hat can be worn with the striped edge flat or folded back. Combined these two patterns make for a beautiful matching spring set for a toddler or baby.

Anna Cardigan by Robyn Chachula

Pattern #4

Anna Cardigan by Robyn Chachula

Three-dimensional flower embellishments on this easy crochet baby sweater pattern will immediately bring spring time to mind and will make your little petunia feel like a big girl in her fancy new top. Thankfully those "fancy" flowers are quite easy to make in just a few rows. The bright, pretty color of the body and the pop of the flowers make this crochet baby sweater easy to dress up or down. What a delightful way to welcome warmer weather and the return of those beautiful blooms.

Mari Nursing Wrap by Robyn Chachula

Pattern #5

Mari Nursing Wrap by Robyn Chachula

This simple wrap hides baby behind a curtain of linked stitches while letting mom peek in on baby through the granny square border. The nursing wrap can easily be hooked over the neck with the attached strap for feeding or draped over a stroller for sleeping. The light cotton/linen blend yarn used here becomes softer each time it is laundered, making this a pleasant and convenient addition to a nursing mama’s daily routine.

Berry Baby Hat and Booties by Chloe Nightingale

Pattern #6

Berry Baby Hat and Booties by Chloe Nightingale

These crochet booties and hat make great quick-crochet gifts. This hat is worked in single crochet and sized from preemie to adult—for grown-ups who enjoy embracing their inner whimsy. The crochet baby booties are worked from the toe-up and the heel is shaped with deceptive ease, making these crocheted booties perfect for first-time footwear makers.

Summer Blues Baby Dress by Ellen K. Gormley

Pattern #7

Summer Blues Baby Dress by Ellen K. Gormley

This crochet baby dress is an adorable girlie dress without being fussy. Stitches of differing height provide comfortable stretch through the skirt and minimal seaming makes this quick to crochet. This project will be a favorite both for the crocheter and the wearer.

Goldilock's Hat by Marti Miller

Pattern #8

Goldilock’s Hat by Marti Miller

What could be sweeter than the gift of handmade crochet baby hats? A simple but stunning pattern, this design is embellished with a delicate flower and ruffle. It’s both adorable and functional, and easy to make using single crochet stitches.

Baby Bear's Back-Up Hat by Marti Miller

Pattern #9

Baby Bear’s Back-Up Hat by Marti Miller

This simple hat works up quickly and easily using double crochet stitches. Add your own personality or fun character to the crochet baby hat pattern by using a variety of colors, rolling up the brim, or adding a pom-pom at the top. It’s so quick; it can be worked up in an evening, making it the perfect last-minute pattern to keep on hand.

What are you waiting for? Grab these 9 free crochet patterns for babies!

Whether you have upcoming baby showers, are expecting yourself, you’re sure to love every one of these designs. We’ve include all the baby must-haves in this free collection including two baby blanket crochet patterns to choose from.

The first of our crochet baby blanket patterns features an easy-to-learn stitch pattern and washable yarn. Our next baby blanket can be transformed into a nursing wrap simply by adding a strap as suggested in the pattern. Our next pattern for crochet booties is both fashionable and functional for baby. With textured cables and bootlike structure, they are sure to get compliments while staying put on baby’s feet. Next, find out how three-dimensional flower embellishments in the tiny crochet baby cardigan will make your little one feel like a big girl.

The baby dress and hat patterns take advantage of soft colors for a soothing design. And who can resist matching crocheted baby hats and booties? We’ve included the perfect gender neutral design to keep handy. With minimal seaming and simple stitches, the summery crochet baby dress pattern is adorable without being fussy. Finally choose one of two crochet hats for babies, one with a sweet frill and flower, and the other a seriously functional design for your baby bear.

Whether you create one or all nine of the designs in this free collection, you are sure to find joy in each precious pattern you work up. Claim your free collection of crochet baby patterns to get started today!

Included in this free eBook are nine beautiful baby crochet patterns plus expert tips and instruction, that you can add to your collection today.