8 Free Crochet Hat Patterns

Free Crochet Hat Patterns eBookI love hats! No really, I'm not just saying that; I have hats stuffed into every corner of my closet. I have bowler hats, newsboy caps, baseball hats, and I'm on the lookout for a good top hat. But my favorite hats to make and wear are crochet hats.

Crochet hats are the perfect way to learn a new technique, whether you are a beginning crocheter or a seasoned expert. Here's a perfect example. Last year, I decided to expand my crochet cable familiarity. When looking at 8 Free Crochet Hat Patterns (now with two new patterns), the Stone Path Hat by Lisa Naskrent was the perfect cable project.

Stone Path Crochet Hat Pattern
Lisa uses two different types of cables, one that creates an infinite figure eight and a second more solid cable, but all of the hat shaping is worked in the single crochet stitches between the cables. The pattern includes the popcorn stitches, which I substituted with single crochet stitches. I also stopped before the brim, preferring the simpler look of a brimless beanie. This pattern includes a stitch diagram, so you can see the construction of cables as they are formed. Now I'm ready to crochet a cabled sweater, but first I'll make another hat.
Crochet Hat Cables & Lace Broomstick You may remember that one of my crochet resolutions this year is to learn new techniques. Before this week I'd played with Broomstick lace but never worked a project in this stitch. But that's changing! I've already completed the first couple of rows of Kristin Omdahl's Cables and Lace Broomstick Hat. Once you figure out how to juggle the broomstick needle and crochet hook, this technique is fun and quick.
I'm forwarding the link to this free eBook to several friends who just dipped their hooks into the world of crochet for the first time. The One-of-a-Kind Hats and Flash Beanie are perfect projects for someone just learning basic stitches or someone who wants to quickly turn out a lot of unique hats. The 8 Free Crochet Hat Patterns: Crochet Hats with Crochet Me eBook now contains eight free crochet hat patterns. Which one will be your first project? Here's a look at each pattern in the eBook.
 Free Crochet Hat Patterns eBook 

With the One-of-a-Kind Hats by Judith L. Swartz you won't have to make the same hat twice. Easy instructions show you how to change colors and textures, add ear flaps, use stripes, and more.

If you want to learn a new technique, try the Cables and Lace Broomstick Hat by Kristin Omdahl. The dense cabled brim, perfect for keeping your ears warm, contrasts with the broomstick lace worked in the body of the hat to create an elegant and functional hat.

The Extreme Earflap Hats by Tiffany Reynolds is a great crocheted hat pattern for teens. Quick to crochet with a dash of felting, they're as fun to make as they are to wear.

The Slanting Stitches Hat by Lisa Shroyer has a brim that can be rolled up derby-style or pulled down for a bucket hat.

The Hot Cross Slouch Beret by Jennifer L. Appleby keeps your head warm without mussing your do. Worked in a light-weight yarn, it spans seasons.

Also suitable for transitional seasons is the Lace Cap by Kim Werker. Dainty and light, it shows off a favorite yarn and works up quickly.

For an engaging crochet project, try the Stone Path Hat by Lisa Naskrent. This richly textured hat showcases crocheted cables.

Also perfect for teens is the Flash Beanie by Judith L. Swartz. This easy crochet hat pattern is so speedy to crochet that you can make a bunch-so when a hat gets left behind on the soccer field, you have another to replace it. For the style-minded, we have several crocheted hats.

Download this free crochet eBook and start crocheting today!

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  1. The Lace Broomstick Hat looks appealing.

    I haven’t crocheted a project for about 5 years. I just bought the Interweave Crochet magazine, the Winter 2010 issue. I love the Belcarra Cardigan on page 51. I have practiced the stitch and I have decided to make this cardigan, but I do not want to invest in the yarn used in the article, in case the pattern is beyond my abilities.
    How can I find a substitute yarn? The are no yarns stores close to me, so I will have to buy online. Is there any online resource?
    Thank you for any help you can give me.

  2. Wow these are beautiful Crochet Hats. I have seen knitted hats, but never seen Crochet Hats with such beautiful designs and patterns. Thanks a lot for sharing this. I am wondering how would a Crochet scarf look like?

  3. For the Broomstick hat, I am having the worst time with the cabled band. I feel I am doing something wrong because the side that is supposed to have the cable just comes up smooth with NO cable….am I following the pattern wrong??

  4. I am trying the Cables and lace broomstick hat I love the design but I have no clue as to how the cable attaches to the body of the hat itself. I would love a little help here if anyone could. Thank you! 🙂