Be Inspired with a Free Beaded Crochet Edging

crochet edging shown on a stole

Generations of women in diverse cultures have used crochet edging to communicate emotions or decorate their clothing and accessories. In Turkey these decorative edgings are called "oya" and are used to decorate beautiful scarves which are often worn for traditional or religious occasions.

I fell in love with the elegant beauty of these crocheted beaded edgings the instant I picked up The Beaded Edge. Along with a fascinating history on oya edgings, I was inspired by the 18 designs, each accompanied by step by step instructions and stitch diagrams. And the beaded crochet edged scarves are just the beginning. You will also find instructions for creating stand alone necklaces and edgings for skirts, tops, jeans, accessories, and household items.

Depending on the color and type of beads and thread you use, you can add an elegant and sophisticated or an edgy and modern feel to your piece.


To get you started on your edging adventure, you will find the Lace Flowers edging, my personal favorite, at the end of this newsletter. For more crocheted edgings, pick up a copy of The Beaded Edge today and join me in exploring this centuries old tradition. What will your first project be? 

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close up of this beaded crochet edging
chart and instructions for making the beaded edging
written instructions for completing this crocheted edge.

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  1. Thanks for the pattern. I’m looking forward to trying it. The book is tempting but I haven’t decided whether or not to purchase it. Maybe this pattern will push me over the edge.