Crocheting with Lace Weight Yarn

Crochet is unmatched in its ability to create incredible lace. Working lace weight yarn or thread in a combination of chains, shells, double crochet, and other crochet stitches creates a gossamer web of fabric that would, in my humble opinion, make a spider jealous. And in addition to its incredible beauty, there are several advantages to crocheting lace projects with lace weight yarns.

Cool Waves Shawl by Sheryl Means |
Cool Waves Shawl by Sheryl Mean

Lace garments are the ideal fashion during the warm summer months or for year round attire in warmer climates, such as Florida where Knitting Daily TV Crochet Corner host Kristin Omdahl designs and crochets. A delicate shawl or light and lacy cardigan worked in soft alpaca or wool can provide just the right amount of warmth on a spring evening. Or reach for a skein of delicious silk or crisp cotton for the perfect summer lace.

La Mer Scarf by Sheryl Means |
La Mer Scarf by Sheryl Means

In addition to warm weather friendly projects, fine yarns create beautiful drape. In Knitting Daily Episode 811, Kristin explores Tunisian crocheting with fine yarns. This notoriously heavy fabric takes on magnificent drape when worked in a simple lace pattern and light yarn like those used in the La Mer Scarf and Cool Wave Shawl.

Fine yarns also create elegant drape to the structured design of motif garments like the Serene Box Pleat Top. Baby and children’s garments are also ideally suited to the drape fine yarns afford.

Serene Box Pleat Top by Kristin Omdahl |
Serene Box Pleat Top by Kristin Omdahl

Good light will make it easier to see the small stitches and prevent eye strain, so choose a crafting location with good natural light when crocheting with lace weight yarns and thread. And choose a hook with a comfortable handle.

Enjoy the beauty of creating your own crocheted lace. Find more tips on crocheting with with laceweight yarns by purchasing Knitting Daily Series 800 today and watch Kristin Omdahl on the Crochet Corner.

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