Family Circle Easy Crochet

Well, I haven't yet seen the actual magazine (insert lamentation over how late things come to Canada sometimes), but a dear reader/designer scanned Page 9 for me. (Thanks, Robyn!) Whee!

Click the thumbnail to see the full-size PDF and read the blurb.

The only thing is, they failed to mention a Very Important Fact: Teach Yourself Visually: Crocheting is no one-woman show. Cecily Keim is authoring the book, too, and all of the designs in it (save for one meagre effort on my part) are hers. The book wouldn't exist without her, and I just wanted to say, for the record, that she ROCKS.

I've heard great things about the magazine which, by the way, is going to be published bi-annually and is only available on newsstands. I hope to get my hands on a copy soon!

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12 thoughts on “Family Circle Easy Crochet

  1. lol, hopefully we arent old and grey by the time it comes out here!!! super awesome kim!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so happy for you! and Cecily, too bad about not mentioning her:(

  2. Hello Kim,I have visited your site but only this week did I meet someone who is a family member of yours – he is so PLEASED and PROUD of you – so much so that he told me all about you as I worked with him in physical therapy. (enough details?) Tonight after our hour workout he happily gave me your website address at my serious request. So happy to meet your proud family member – I join him in his joy of what you are doing! Bravo!Denise of Tulsa, OK

  3. That is so FANTASTIC! Crochet Me ROCKS! Bummer for Cecily, but we all know she’s a hot commodity and the books not even out yet. I’m going out for it and IW Crochet. Cross your fingers.

  4. Maryse — Thanks! Julie’s also offered, and since she’s way closer, let’s see. I may take you up on it in a couple of days…cdthomas — That sweater is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing, and do encourage him to submit some patterns. :)Julie — Thanks!And as an update, the editor I’ve been in touch with at FCEC has sincerely apologized for leaving Cecily’s name out of the blurb. Let’s continue to give Cecily some good love, anyway. She deserves it!

  5. Hi Kim, you’re mentioned in Interweave Crochet too, I just got my issue today: pg. 8, “Hook into the Web” column by Sandi Wiseheart: “One of the crochet world’s newest stars is the online magazine There’s no fee,just plenty of articles, techniques and patterns with a modern, fresh flair. Be sure to check out the back issues for even more cool stuff.”

  6. I would like to know where to purchase the “Family Circle Easy Crochet” magazine. I have checked at the local Acme, CVS drug store, and Stop & Shop with no luck. Can someone give me a clue where to purchae it and how often is it going to be published?