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The weather might be warming up in your area or you may be getting ready for the next frigid blizzard (the weather can be so fickle this time of year), but it is always the perfect time to start on your next crochet afghan. Whether you are creating a small baby blanket, a nap afghan, or a king-size blanket for your bed, there are several fabulous techniques for you to decide from.

Moorish mosaic afghan by Lisa Naskrent | CrochetMe.com
Moorish Mosaic Afghan by Lisa Naskrent
Dots and Poppies Baby Blanket by Linda Permann | CrochetMe.com
Dots + Poppies Baby Blanket by Linda Permann


Motif Afghans

One of the most popular designs for crochet afghans, is the crochet motif. Granny square designs are a great way to stashbust. And let’s face it; all of us have a bin of partial skeins just waiting for the perfect opportunity.

Octagonal, hexagonal, and triangle motifs are also fun options. You can create your own design by joining your favorite motifs together into a larger square or rectangle.

Damask Afghan by Marly Bird | CrochetMe.com
Damask Afghan by Marly Bird
Cabine de Dentelle crochet Afghan by Annette Petavy | CrochetMe.com
Cabine de Dentelle Afghan by Annette Petavy
exploded pineapple crochet afghan by Doris Chan | CrochetMe.com
Exploded Pineapple Afghan by Doris Chan

Lace Afghans

I can’t sleep without a blanket of some kind. So I am a huge fan of lace crochet afghans. The lace design is elegant and looks gorgeous on the back of a chair or couch, and the openwork pattern lends just the right amount of warmth on a spring or summer’s afternoon.

Lace panels can be inserted in a more solid frame or join lacey motifs together to create a finished afghan. Lace is also a great opportunity to play with a lighter-weight yarn and the openwork design uses less yarn.

Solas Caomh crochet blanket by Jodi Euchner | CrochetMe.com
Solas Caomh by Jodi Euchner
Mission Cabled Afghan by Diane Halpern | CrochetMe.com
Mission Cabled Afghan by Diane Halpern 

Cable Afghans

Cabled crochet afghans are becoming more prevelant as crochet cables becoming more popular with designers and crocheters alike. Tiny cables create a beautiful border and large cables create a thick fabric with beautiful 3-D textures. This technique will use more yarn than a motif or non-textured design.

Tunisian crochet pattern by Rhonda Davis
Mulled Spices Afghan by Rhonda Davis
Sunburst Entrelac crochet afghan by Megan Granholm | CrochetMe.com
Sunburst Entrelac Afghan by Megan Granholm
Seaside crochet Throw by Rhonda Davis | CrochetMe.com
Seaside Throw by Rhonda Davis

Tunisian Crochet Afghans

Unexpected Crochet Stitches | CrochetMe.comWhich afghan will you start on next? I can’t wait to curl up for a quick nap under a warm crochet afghan.With its dense fabric, Tunisian crochet afghans can be the go-to design for an extra warm winter afghan. A variety of Tunisian crochet stitch patterns and the possibilities available through entrelac, mean there are innumerable possibilities. A Tunisian simple stitch blanket is also the perfect canvas for cross-stitch embellishment.

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