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Are you ready to take the next step in your crochet journey and create with advanced crochet stitches like linked crochet, hairpin lace, or crocodile stitch? The newest Crochet Me free eBook uses images, illustrations, and text to share ten advanced crochet techniques with you.Here is just a sample of the advanced stitch techniques included in Advanced Crochet Stitches: A Free Guide to Crocheting Stitches Including Crocodile Stitch, Hairpin Lace and More.The bullion stitch, can be a tricky stitch to master. But with the right tools and a few little tips, this stitch, also called the roll stitch, can let you add texture and visual interest to crochet projects.
Free Guide to Advanced Crochet Stitches | CrochetMe.com 1. Multiple yarn oversThe bullion is a series of yarn overs that are drawn together in the final stitch. The best hook to complete the bullion stitch effectively is a long, slender, in-line hook. The best yarn to use is a tightly plied one.To begin the stitch, loosely yarn over the number of times called for in the pattern. Working the yarn overs loosely is key to easily drawing the hook through all the loops. If you can’t get your loops loose enough, hold the handle of another smaller crochet hook alongside your hook and wrap the yarn over both. Slide the second crochet hook out after wrapping before completing the stitch.
Free Guide to Advanced Crochet Stitches | CrochetMe.com 2. Yarn over and pull up a loopYarn over and draw through all the loops on the hook. As you draw the hook through, firmly hold the loops in place with the hand that is not holding the hook. If the loops do not slide easily, pick up each loop and pull it off the hook as you draw through.
Free Guide to Advanced Crochet Stitches | CrochetMe.com 3. Finished bullionTo close the bullion, yarn over and draw through the last loop on the hook before working the next stitch. If you get this right away, that’s terrific! Most people new to the stitch have to do a bit of ripping out before getting it right. The key to the bullion stitch is to practice it until your hands become familiar with the tension required when making the yarn overs and drawing the hook through.
Download Advanced Crochet Stitches: A Free Guide to Crocheting Stitches Including Crocodile Stitch, Hairpin Lace and More today and add ten new crochet stitches to your library.Best wishes,P.S. Do you have crochet friends who would love to add a few more stitches to their repertoire? Share this with them!

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Toni Rexroat is the Online Editor of Crochet Me. Outfitted with several crochet hooks and surrounded by bins of yarn, she has been the assistant editor for Interweave Crochet magazine as well as PieceWork, Interweave Crochet’s sister magazine. She was born and raised in a little town in Wyoming where she was exposed to wool and other fibers at an early age, and began crocheting in her early teens. Enjoying a wide variety of fibery hobbies from crochet and knitting to sewing, she is determined to learn to spin so she can crochet with her own yarn.

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