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Before I met Lily Chin several weeks ago, I had never heard of Mosaic crochet. I could guess that the technique involved more than one color, my dad creates mosaic Damascus with multiple colors of metal, but I wasn't sure how to translate that knowledge to fiber. I didn't think I had ever crocheted using this technique, and the Mosaic knitting explanations I received from my coworkers didn't quite clarify the technique.

So I turned to Lily's new DVD for information. Mosaic crochet is a technique using multiple colors. Only one color is worked per row, but stitches can be worked into previous rows to cover up stitches and create color patterns.


I thumbed through the Harmony Guides: Basic Crochet Stitches for an example of mosaic crochet. To my delight a found a few and decided to swatch the Brickwork Pattern. You can see 2 rows of single crochet worked in my first color, green. On the 4th row I started worked the "dropped" stitches, working double-treble crochets over the top of the green rows. These "dropped" stitches are what create the Mosaic pattern.

  That's when I realized that I had used a Mosaic crochet stitch pattern for a blanket strip almost a year ago. I was fascinated by the stitch then, but couldn't find any more information on it. Now I can't wait to settle on the couch with my crochet hook, several colors of yarn, and Lily Chin's new DVD. Now that I know what Mosaic crochet is, I want to know how it works. Pre-order your copy of Mosaic Crochet with Lily Chin today and let Lily Chin share with you this wonderful crochet technique.

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5 thoughts on “Learning Mosaic Crochet

  1. Too funny! I had no clue what it was called… I just posted on my blog some photos of some Easter bags I made for my girls – and used this on them! Thanks for the information!

  2. McCall’s Crochet Magazine June, 1995 had a pattern for a reversible blanket they called Blue Baby Blocks that was dc in blue in the back with 2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc worked across the front in white. After working the blue in the back loops of the single crochet row and the white in the front loops, a row of white single crochet would be worked across the top of both colors. When finished, the back would be blue and white stripes while the front would be white squares with blue peeking through the openings. I made it for my granddaughter but I used a variegated yarn for the back color (baby brights, I think). It was beautiful.

  3. Funny how Char55’s comment made me think (way back) to the mid 80’s when our local newspaper ran a needlepointers column and a pattern for a ‘reversible shell stitched crochet afghan’. One row was shell stitch and the next was a chain loop. I assume Mosaic Crochet is a close cousin to this pattern. I’ve kept the pattern and swatch from that era, I think Mom still has the afghan. I probably will order the DVD or download as I love the color play. Thank you Lily for bringing this technique to us in a new format.