One Skein, Two Skein, Three Skein, Four

We all have them: a single skein of yarn left over from a sweater project, 2 skeins we fell in love with at the LYS and had to take home, 3 or 4 skeins we bought for a project that is no longer at the top of our queue. They wait patiently in bins and boxes, ready for us to find the perfect little project to showcase them. There are plenty of reasons to love projects that require only a few skeins.

One Skein

A luscious one-skein project is the perfect opportunity to test out a new yarn. Single-skein projects are also the perfect opportunity to work with a more expensive fiber such as silk, yak, cashmere, a particularly luxurious wool, or something extraordinary like stainless-steel yarn. The Billows of Baubles scarf by Sheryl Means owes its tantalizing structure to the Lion Brand Wool Stainless Steel yarn. I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with stainless-steel yarn. And let's not forget single-skein projects are the perfect quick gift solution.

Two­-Three Skeins

Most of my yarn falls into this category. Some are left over from finished projects, others are yarns I fell in love with but couldn't afford an entire sweater's worth. I could make a couple of hats or a scarf out of them, but I want something more exciting. Enter the Natalie Shrug by Meghan Granholm. I love the vintage inspiration of this Tunisian shrug. This is the perfect project to add a pop of color or a dash of elegance to any ensemble.

Four-Six Skeins

Any number of skeins over three is a definite crochet investment, but still not enough, in most cases, for an entire sweater. But there are a few tricks to make your yarn stretch a little farther. Robyn Chachula's Float Vest, in a silhouette very popular this season, utilizes a lace pattern to create a larger garment on a budget. And the openness of the chain-link pattern of the Linked Jacket, also designed by Robyn Chachula, means that even the largest size calls for only six skeins.

Whether you want to find the perfect project for your stash yarn or are crocheting on a budget, quick fashionable projects that call for a minimum of yarn are always a favorite. Order Simply Crochet today and find the perfect project for your yarn stash.


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  2. I’ve been busy crocheting wine sweaters, which are a stylish way to dress up a bottle of wine, or a bottle of anything, really for gift giving. These take less than a skein and I’ve made a few with stripes of yarn when I don’t have a full skein.