Romper Room Winners!

The quote from yesterday was, indeed, from the old preschool teevee show Romper Room. Andrea googled it and Twinnish didn't, and since it's sunny this morning (*gasp!*) you're both winners! Please email me your mailing address and some stash yarn will be headed your way.

Twinnish implied that I'm too young to have known Romper Room. No way! The show (according to the link above) was produced through the '80s. I vividly recall watching it in the late '70s, hoping and hoping the host would "see" me through her looking glass. I was surprised to see it was produced in Baltimore — I was fairly certain it was taped in NYC. I'd always thought maybe I'd get to be on the show. But then I read on and found out that they actually franchised it. Brilliant!

Ahh, those rainbow days of pigtails and tube socks. Allow me to reminisce…

The Muppet Show was my all-time favourite. Followed by 3-2-1 Contact (I would get totally freaked out by the Bloodhound Gang's Friday mysteries). Then Fraggle Rock (I was older by the time it aired), and then Sesame Street. Despite SS's being lower down on my list, Grover remains to this day my favourite childhood character. Grover, and all the folks from the book Where the Wild Things Are (Let the wild rumpus start!).

What were your childhood favourites? 

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7 thoughts on “Romper Room Winners!

  1. oooh i *loved* little house on the prairie, i wanted to be laura’s friend so bad!-as well as the muppet show and Zoom. i also liked Kids of Degrassi (newest incarnation is degrassi next generation which i like as well), Edison Twins, 3,2,1 Contact and Jem, even tho’ i was older and shouldn’t have liked it, but yeah! and grover was my fave too! yippee!

  2. The Muppet Show, Little House on the Prairie, HR Pufnstuf, Land of the Lost, Planet of the APes, The Bugaloos, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, and Capt. Kangaroo. Then in grade school I really liked watching the Elvis Presley after school specials.

  3. oh kim, thanks for the links! i had totally forgotten about 321 contact! i waited everday to hear my name on romper room too, but you dont hear too many janas out there……my favourite shows were “Let’s Go!” and little house on the prairie.

  4. Holy crap! I loved Little House on the Prairie, too! But later — when I was 7 or 8. I had freckles and used to wear my hair in two braids like Laura.

  5. I liked Mr. Rogers and Captain Kangaroo. I loved The Count on Sesame Street. And I loved Star Wars, it came out when I was 7 and I totally blown away, I must have begged my parents to take me to it a million times.

  6. i loved little house as well. i remember writing a letter to the network after the pilot to tell them how much i loved the show and received a signed photograph of the cast (i still have it somewhere).

    i also loved zoom. and wonderama — a local mid-alantic show on sunday mornings, with bob mcallister.

    of course there was captain kangaroo — the grandfather clock kind of freaked me out. and when i lived in california, there was another local show — hobo kelly. hobo kelly would pick a postcard out of a big drum every show and send all sorts of good stuff to the kid onthe card. i was so young, that i didn’t realize i had to actually send in a card. so every show i would hope that i got picked (which of course i never was because i had never sent in a card.)