Weird LA Moment

So I'm chilling out in my hotel room after a fabulously incredible week in LA with the gang. I'm packing. Cecily, Donna and I taped our episode this morning. It was weird and thrilling and friendly and crazy and. I'm exhausted. I flipped on the teevee and happened upon the middle of Six Feet Under (which, by the way, is my new favourite show). And what do I see? A scene filmed at Unwind. Where we were just the other night. Trippy.

Back row: Tiffany, me, Donna, Marlo, Julie. Front row: Chelle, Josi, Cecily

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8 thoughts on “Weird LA Moment

  1. First of all, your working holiday sounds like way too much fun! And, I know what scene you were talking about in Six Feet Under (also one of my favorite shows!) Very, very cool!