4 Free Crochet Home Decor Patterns

Aug 16, 2012

crochet pillows

Now your house can reflect your passion for crochet! Crocheted home decor has always been a popular way to display the beauty of crochet, from piles of crochet pillows to the perfect tea cozy. And because you don't have to worry about size or season, home-decor items are the perfect crochet gifts.

In this eBook, I am thrilled to share these four eye-catching crocheted home- decor patterns. You will find fun projects perfect for your home, from funky lace curtains to a flower embellished tea cozy and classic crocheted pillows.

The Blue Skies and Sunshine Pillow by Judith L. Swartz is the perfect crocheted home accessory. This luscious crocheted pillow cover is worked in a silk/cotton/viscose blend. Classic granny squares are embellished with a sunburst of buttons. These crochet pillows would look beautiful on a loveseat or at the head of a bed.

The Flowered Tea Cozy by Judith L. Swartz will keep your tea warm in crochet style. Both sides of the tea cozy body are worked separately before being seamed with single crochet. Crochet flower and leaf embellishments allow you to add your own personality. This whimsical crocheted tea cozy proves that functionality does not preclude style.

The Looking Glass Curtains by Rhonda Davis will add a touch of fun to your bedroom or craftroom. Crocheted lace panels are punctuated with small mirrors that throw shafts of light across the room. The large crocheted motifs are joined as you go. These crochet curtains are a fabulous introduction to thread crochet.

Whip up some quick-and-easy crocheted home decor with Instant Decor Pillows by Janette Higgins. Worked entirely in single crochet with multiple yarns in a variety of fibers and constructions, these comfy pillows are quickly finished. Explore subtle crochet colorwork by combining a selection of colors and textures to match any room in your house.

Decorate your home with 4 Free Crochet Home Decor Patterns including Crochet Curtains, Tea Cozy, and Crochet Pillows. Share photographs of your finished project in the Crochet Me member gallery.

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P.S. For more great homedecor patterns, download the free Chain Reaction Crochet Afghan Project on Crochet Me.

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Char55 wrote
on Aug 17, 2012 10:34 AM

Crocheted curtains wouldn't last in a house with cats! LOL!  However, I already use crochet all over my apartment. I have crocheted runners in the bay window seat for the cats to lay (or is it lie?) on. I have an entry bench with a cushion top (no raised back) that I use for a coffee table because it has 2 large drawers to hold the remotes and guides for the TV and the cushion makes it useful as an ottoman....the cushion has a crocheted cover. I have crocheted pet blankets on the loveseat and couch to minimize cat hair on the cushions. I have an afghan draped over the back of one end of the loveseat and another thrown over the back of my wooden rocking chair. I also have an afghan thrown over a footstool near my computer desk.

I made a matching set of afghan, pet blanket and 2 couch pillows for my daughter's home....the dog kept hogging the afghan...till she got her own.