A New Way To Crochet Motifs

Aug 20, 2012

I have worked several motif based projects in my crochet history, from afghans to shrugs.  I would love to start a motif shawl. Crochet motifs create an amazing geometrical lace design, whether worked in thread or bulky yarn.

Blissful Flower Shawl  

I love crocheting motifs; I can't say the same thing about weaving in all of those ends. The first five or so are kind of relaxing. When I get to loose end number twenty, I am mentally reminding myself why I like motifs so much.  I've tried everything: weaving the ends in as I go, stopping to weave them in after every ten motifs, nothing worked.

There has to be a way to crochet motifs without all of the loose ends. Enter Kristin Omdahl and her new seamless, join-as-you-go book, Seamless Crochet. The technique in this book, unlike most join-as-you-go motifs, does not complete an entire motif before moving to the next but instead works the entire row of motifs in sections, meaning you don't need to fasten off between motifs.

Before you start your first seamless shawl project, I recommend taking a few minutes to study the multi-color stitch diagrams that accompany each project.They are genius, and if you are having trouble understanding how this technique works, the stitch diagrams will quickly illustrate the ingenuity of this seamless technique.

Here is what Kristin Omdahl says about designing her seamless crochet shawls:

  Ninja Star Shawl

I love the geometric texture of crochet motif fabric, but I used to shy away from motif-based shawls because of all the ends to weave in. I was also wary because you usually see both sides of the fabric on a shawl, and I often worried about ends sneaking back out and showing after some wear. In this collection of seamless motif shawls, I used a variety of construction techniques to show how many different ways you can use this technique to eliminate worries about multiple tails that can pop back out.

Find Seamless Crochet: Techniques and Motifs for Join-As-You-Go Designs in the Crochet Me Shop. And for visual learners, there is even an included instructional DVD.

Best wishes,

P.S. Do you have tricks for weaving in ends?


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rocket88 wrote
on Aug 20, 2012 8:11 AM

I am an absolute beginner in crochet [and knitting] and although I am interested in many of the topics and techniques mentioned in the postings, I often think I do not have the skills to try any of them.  Can I suggest you give a free small project/mini lesson on the topics or techniques right in the posting so I can try my hand at it before commiting to purchasing a pattern or book which might be beyond my skills?  I suspect a number of subscribers might go on to make purchases once they "try out" for free the technique and find they enjoy it, have the skills to do it, and want a "bigger" project to complete [shawl, sweater, etc.].

juli1961 wrote
on Aug 20, 2012 12:13 PM

I love this book!. I got it as a combo along with Crochet So Fine and Wrapped in Crochet.  I thought that if i didn't like the book I could pass it on to another friend who crochets.  I looked through it and fell in love with the techniques.I then proceeded to make the flower trivets.  It was so nice to not have to weave in any ends except the beginning and ending ends and I didn't even have to weave in much of the beginning end because I was able to crochet over most of it.  Not only does this book teach how to do the technique of seamless crochet, it is an excellent resource for learning how to read crochet charts.