Crochet Goes Digital

Oct 18, 2012

I still remember the click and clack of my mother's typewriter. It was an old, antique cast iron typewriter that, as a young child, I couldn't carry to the table by myself. I was in awe of the crisp, clean pages I could create, but it was nearly impossible to bring the typewriter with me.

Interweave Crochet Fall 2008

Fast forward a few years and digital has changed the world. Not only do computer and tablets make it simple to take a "typewriter" with you wherever you go, but the printed page is no longer the only way to carry a pattern, article, or picture with you.

  A Family of Slippers

Now you can digitally download an entire magazine, set of magazines, book, or individual pattern. With digital, you never have to worry about spills, disasters such as floods, or pets ruining your magazine. If you prefer to work from a physical copy, you can print the pattern you are working on and write directly on the page. I love to be able to cross off completed rows in charts and make notes in the margin when I am modifying a pattern.  But I also use my favorite crochet patterns over and over again, sometimes with and sometimes without the modifications. So I often print a "clean" copy of the pattern for the second or third project.

And it's not just patterns or pattern books that you can download now in the Crochet Me Shop. For the ultimate instant gratification, how about a downloadable video workshop? That shipping window is always such a difficult wait. I want to start on a new project or technique now. Digital workshops are portable and great for an evening of crochet at home, or to watch over again while you are waiting at an airport or doctor's office. I certainly could have used one at the dentist's the other day.

Mosaic Crochet with Lily Chin

In just a few years we have surged past the typewriters and video cassette players of the past. I don't see print disappearing anytime soon, but I love the portability and usability advantages that digital is continuing to create. Jump into the digital world and download a pattern, book, magazine, or workshop today.

Best wishes,

P.S. What are the advantages and disadvantages you have seen with digital?


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Rory Meyer wrote
on Oct 18, 2012 2:49 PM

The problem with digital is that I cannot carry my laptop everywhere - so what is the answer more expensive equipment that I really do not need or can afford. I thought I might have been able to put my ebooks on a Kindle (appears to be the cheapest of the type of devices) but unfortunately I cannot get a definitive answer. Will it work or not before I go out and buy one.

I also like my magazines etc as hard copy to be able to pick up and look at, put down, take it to bed and read and just the feel of the magazine in my hand. I would however like to find a way to keep my patterns and ebooks so that I could take them with me.

LI Roe wrote
on Oct 19, 2012 8:11 AM

I don't carry my laptop with me anyway so that is not a concern. I also just like to look through hard copies of books and magazines, sometimes just to relax and see what I may want to start next.

I have recently subscribed to two online crochet magazines and get them digitally plus a few years of back issues for each. Fortunately, online storage is not an issue plus I do have an external hard drive.

I will use digital to store magazines but for some reason, I will  only read what I call "real books".

Char55 wrote
on Oct 19, 2012 5:53 PM

While digital downloads are a quick way to get a pattern. You still have to have the printer and ink to print out the patterns...the cost of printing is transferred from the publisher to the consumer...not really saving money then, are we????

I do not own a tablet, laptop, or ereader. What if the computer gets a virus or has a hardware glitch that corrupts the files? Does the publisher let you download them again for free?

I have saved LOTS of free patterns from on-line sites, but I find when I am looking for a project, I go back to my stacks of printed magazines and books because I don't want to waste time printing the pattern out...and the cost of printer ink isn't cheap.