The Year of the Crochet Sweater

Jan 9, 2014

Have you created a list of New Year's resolutions of 2014? I have been slacking on mine a bit. It will of course include a plan to eat better and get more exercise; I'm thinking Pilates this year. But I created my 2014 crochet resolution on January 1st. I know exactly what I want to crochet this year: Sweaters!

In my queue, I have a long list of lace crochet sweaters I want to begin. Here are a few of the different sweater techniques I want to explore.

Lace Crochet Sweater  

Top-Down Crochet

All last year I talked about crocheting the Kolika Top by Doris Chan. This top-down design is easily modified, allowing you to alter bust and waist shaping, and Doris includes several ideas for different sweater and sleeve lengths as well as collar options. Plus you can try the sweater on as you crochet for the perfect fit.

Kolika Top by Doris Chan    
Crochet Motif Sweater  

Motif Sweaters

For years I have wanted explore crocheted sweaters, but I am an impatient crocheter. I would begin a sweater and quickly be drawn away by a quick hat or pair of mitts. The solution to my impatience, crochet motif sweaters. You can finish the top in easily quantifiable sections, and it's fun to watch a piece grow motif by motif. I'm thinking the Megan Sweater by Robyn Chachula would pair perfectly with a pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt.

Meghan Sweater by Robyn Chachula    
Crochet Cable Sweater  

Cabled Sweaters

I have explored cables in swatches and mitts, but a crochet cabled sweater. Yes please! The Clover Car Coat by Robyn Chachula is a gorgeous example of a cabled crochet top. I also love the tall collar and short sleeves of this design. It is the perfect sweater for year-round wear.

Clover Car Coat by Robyn Chachula    
Colorwork Crochet Cardigan  

Colorwork Sweaters

Fall Fields Cardigan Yarn amount requirements is often an impediment for crocheters who are trying to crochet from their stash. I have two, three, or four skeins of a single color and yarn in my own stash, but that is usually not enough yardage to crochet an entire cardigan. But if I combine a few colors, I can find enough yarn to create a gorgeous cardigan or pullover without a trip to the nearest yarn store.

Fall Fields Cardigan by Beth Nielsen
Crochet Sweater  

I haven't started with any of these sweaters yet. When I dove into my yarn stash, I found a gorgeous fingering weight blue yarn that is perfect for the Lauren Sweater by Mimi Alelis. I am in love with the columns of lace and solid stitches and especially the wide ribbed collar. I already have half of the bottom ribbing finished.

Get a start on your own 2014 New Year's resolutions with the patterns, workshop videos, books, and more in the Crochet Me Shop.

Best wishes,

P.S. What are you crochet goals for 2014?

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pswap57 wrote
on Jan 9, 2014 6:38 PM

I am almost finished with my very first crocheted top-down sweater.  I really like this method since I have plenty of curves - I had to unravel several rows in the bust area and add additional stitches.  At least I know it will fit once I get it finished!

I probably won't do another for awhile because I like mindless projects that I can do while watching TV, and fitted garments require a lot of concentration (for me, anyway), but I have enjoyed it and will feel confident the next time I tackle a top-down sweater.

CindyG@25 wrote
on Jan 10, 2014 1:01 PM

Great minds. I am going to attempt Annie Modesitt's Chromatic Hoodie in the Winter issue of Interweave Crochet magazine.

Cindy G

Happy New Year