A Crochet Hat for Any Occasion

Jan 16, 2014

They are the perfect fashion statement for fall, winter, and spring temperatures. Small and quick, they are the perfect accessory on which to learn a new technique or stitch. They are the perfect easy gift. And most importantly for me this week, crochet hats are the ultimate stylish accessory when sixty mile per hour wind gusts are determined to wrap your hair around your face, making it impossible to see.

I pulled out my Interweave Crochet 2012 Collection for crochet hat ideas. I found some amazing designs.

Felted Crochet Hat   The Anna Cloche by Janet Brani is worked up quickly in single crochet then felted to create a dense fabric, perfect for those windy winter days. After the felting is complete, the slits are cut in the side to create the stylish ruffle. And the button possibilities are endless. Add a funky, elegant, or youthful feel with this simple embellishment.
Crochet Hat  

Speaking of funky, the Fire Whirl Hat by Shelby Allaho uses a combination of front post treble crochet and single crochet stitches to create an architectural silhouette and fun stripes of color and texture. This crochet hat is easy and a great stashbuster. It would also make a great gift for guys and gals.

Cabled Crochet Hat   I've already made one Cabled Spiral Hat by Melisa Darnieder, but the finished piece was quickly wrapped and gifted to special family member. This pattern was fun to crochet, and I loved the subtlety of the simple front post cable. I think I need one of these hats for myself, if it isn't snatched by another family member.
Crochet Beanie   Inspired by the 1920s cloche hats and their splendid side details, Francie's Hat by Sarah Kay Hartmann is a fashionable beanie women and girls of all ages. The chain stitch bow details are worked as you go for this beginner friendly pattern.

Hurry to the Crochet Me Shop and take advantage of the Ring in the Savings New Year's Sales Event. Discover new crochet hat patterns and complete your Interweave Crochet library by purchasing back issues of Interweave Crochet Collections on CD.

Best wishes,

P.S. Do you have a favorite crochet hat? What makes it your favorite?

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bestgranny wrote
on Jan 16, 2014 2:48 PM

we would really love someone to design a beanie that does not cover hearing aids or cochlear receivers on head.

Gail and Kate

MarlenaF wrote
on Jan 20, 2014 10:18 AM

I love many of the crochet hat patterns. Unfortunately, the pattern is sized smaller than my heads's circumference.  I've tried to adjust the patterns by changing the number of stitches or using a larger hook. I haven't had a lot of success. Is there a tutorial that helps with adjusting patterns?

on Feb 17, 2014 11:43 PM

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