Rustic Crochet Scarves

Jan 20, 2014

Crocheted in wool, alpaca, silk, acrylic, or cotton, crochet scarves are both fashion statements and a warm accessory on cold days.  The scarves in Yumiko Alexander's Rustic Modern Crochet are the perfect blend of fashion and function with designs inspired by nature and warm yarns.

Ruffled crochet scarf  
Lacy Shoals  

So if you are looking for the perfect crochet scarf, whip up one of these beauties. Here is Yumiko to tell you more about her designs.

Lacy Shoals

While organizing my fabric stash, I found myself creating piles with larger pieces at the bottom and smaller pieces on top. That is how I came up with this design. This three-tier scarf is joined together as you go, so there are no seams to sew at the end. If you want to experiment, try combining different fibers, textures, colors, and weights of yarn to create your own unique versions of this fun pattern.

  Crochet Scarf
  Coral Bouquet

Coral Bouquet

Several years ago I joined a group that was making a crocheted coral reef to raise awareness about our overuse of plastic and its effect on ocean life. While working on it, I learned about a simple method of continuously increasing two to three stitches in each stitch to make an interesting shape. I liked this technique so much I kept a sample, thinking I could use it for tying and decorating gift packages. Ultimately it became my inspiration for this scarf.

Crochet Scarf  
Water Lily  

Water Lily

This one-skein design is a quick project using chunky-weight yarn with a large hook.

Water Lily is made with many flower motifs; each one is connected to the last stitch of the previous motif. To wear this neck warmer, pass the cord through the center of the motifs. The curvy shape of the motifs makes a pretty decoration around the neckline.

  Crochet Wrap


This design combines chain lace, straight lines, and a fan lace pattern. The curvy line gives the fabric a good balance and shows both stitch patterns well. Using the same pattern but with different lengths creates a nice design flow.

~Yumiko Alexander

Order Rustic Modern Crochet by Yumiko Alexander today and enjoy these stylish scarves as well as shawls, cowls, and sweater designs inspired by nature.

Best wishes,

P.S. Is your number one reason for wearing scarves warmth or fashion?

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Netagene wrote
on Feb 12, 2014 11:17 AM

I pre-ordered that book, just from the pictures. It has, what is to me, some of the prettiest as well as most usable things I think I've ever seen in a long time. None seem to be more than easy or slightly intermediate. And as a high partial legally blind lady (but I've been crocheting about 60 years), I like that most of the patterns use worsted weight yarn. I've already made 2 scarves by the "water lily" pattern (less than 2 hours to make one), one friend wants one of those - and have the "bridges" top about half finished. I have made the "coral" balls, but not from that pattern; they are simply hyperbolic balls, and I've made some about 3" in diameter and put them on luggage (which the skycaps love because my things are real easy to find on the airport carousels)! I plan to make about half of the patterns! Thanks, Yumiko (and Interweave Press)! The housework and the computer can wait ... I've got to get back to my recliner and, as one friend calls it, my yarning!