Get 7 Free Crochet Wedding Patterns

May 22, 2014

You crochet gifts for friends and family; your drawers are full of your own crochet accessories and garments, and yarn is overflowing from bins. Crochet is a large part of all of our lives, and it is important that the beauty of crochet stitches be represented on our special occasions, including weddings.

We have compiled a stunning collection of wedding crochet patterns including the perfect wedding shawl pattern and a delicate lace wedding garter pattern. The delicate lace and thread flowers of the wedding veil can be easily modified to embellish a bouquet, dress, or decorations. A colorful clutch in tapestry crochet is a wonderful way to incorporate your wedding colors and it makes a thoughtful gift for the wedding party.

Of course these patterns are exclusively for wedding. The gorgeous shawl patterns are the perfect accessory to pair with your sundress for a quiet evening with friends, and the geometrical design on the small purse makes it an eye-catching piece for every-day use. The lace of the wedding veil and wedding garter are easily modified in length to adorn a hem, scarf, and more.

Download your copy of Wedding Patterns for the DIY Bride: Free Crochet Garter, Veil and other Wedding Crochet Patterns today and begin crocheting a gorgeous design that will become a treasured heirloom.

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P.S. Do you have crochet friends who are preparing for a special day? Forward this email to them so they can get their free copy of Wedding Patterns for the DIY Bride: Free Crochet Garter, Veil and other Wedding Crochet Patterns.


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Cfanning wrote
on May 25, 2014 8:33 AM

It might be helpful to have the finishing instructions for the wedding veil rather than a 'purse' on your "free patterns".  Carole, Canton, GA

barbielynns wrote
on Aug 18, 2014 12:59 PM

Toni,  I am having difficulty with the Ruffled Lace Garter pattern at the end of Row 4 just after the turn.  I chained 12 and now I'm lost.  Please explain in paragraph (conversational manner) what  "turn-12 ch-4sp". This shouldn't be difficult, but I cannot wrap my head around it. Thank you