Deneen's Version--the details

Sep 23, 2006

    Deneen has posted a great tutorial on how she made her version of the sweater.


Check it out! 


Oh, and she's starting another one (for herself I think), for the CAL... 

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Kris wrote
on Sep 29, 2006 10:26 AM
I have joined the two fronts together but now I have a question. I am doing herringbone half double crochet with Lambs Pride cotton fleece. If I spiral around without turning won't my stiches look different than the upper portion stitches I made when I was turning the work? I think I might turn at the end of the row and then stop and move the seem to the underarm when I get to the sides. I may have to do some creative embellishments with the small seam that will be down the front. What do you think?


gwerker wrote
on Sep 29, 2006 11:52 AM

Your stitches will look different if you spiral--you could do either of those options--make the seam down the front a design element, or move the seam to under the arm. I think they're both good ideas! A third idea, is to see how you like the change betweent the spiraling and working in rows, and see if you like how that looks. On one of the versions I made, I liked that look and kept it that way. (It's Selma's sweater--the child's blue one.)