Seams Just Right: Interweave Crochet Fall 2009 Preview

Oct 1, 2009

We hope you've had a sneak peek at our new Fall projects. We're pretty excited about the collection and hope you are, too. Our goal, as always, is to give you that feeling we know so well—discovering a project that you're just itching to make.

So after the giddy anticipation, you secure your yarn and get to the pleasure of crocheting. And when you're done transforming that strand of string into shaped fabric, often only one thing stands between the garment sitting in your crochet basket and the garment being wrapped around you: seams.

Some of us are OK with seams. Some of us really don't like them.

Good news for those of you who aren't fans of seaming. Five of the garments in the Fall issue have little or no seams. (OK, one of them is a shawl, but that counts. It's the Moss Fern Wrap that I'm wearing in my editor's shot there.)

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Veronica Sweater Spacer 10x10 pixels Veronica Sweater

Veronica Sweater is the ultimate no-seam sweater. A top-down raglan worked in wattle stitch, it features sleeves that are worked in the round directly onto the body of the sweater. When you're done, only a few ends require weaving in.
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Painted Desert Skirt Spacer 10x10 pixels Painted Desert Skirt

Painted Desert Skirt has just a few seams: along the edges of the swirly motifs. Once they're joined, you work the skirt in the round from the top of the swirls to the waistband. Add a button and you're done.
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October Vest Spacer 10x10 pixels October Vest

October Vest is worked in vertical rows from the left front to the right front; only the shoulders have seams. It's great on a guy, but works for a woman as well.
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Blue Ridge Cardigan Spacer 10x10 pixels Blue Ridge Cardigan

Blue Ridge Cardigan features an innovative technique where you work the button bands at the same time that you work the body in the round. The sleeves are worked separately and sewn in.
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Fortune Cookie Bag Spacer 10x10 pixels Accessories Collection

And in the accessories collection, we have eight projects that require little or no seaming:
Tahoe Hat, Leaf Peeper Hats, Pink Lady Scarf, Orchard Mitts, Adirondack Socks, Apple Cider Mittens, Campus Field Cap and Fortune Cookie Bag (shown).
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That's a lot of crochet-and-go projects! Which will you make? Let us know at

All good stitches,


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JaneN1 wrote
on Feb 11, 2010 9:08 AM

I have a question on one of the patterns from this issue, and don't know where to send it.

I'm making the October vest and wondered about increases.  The pattern says (p. 70, second paragraph after "Row 6(8, 8, 10,10):

Cont in rib patt, inc 1 st by working 2 sts in last st at neck edge every row 3 more times.

Does this mean I end w/2 sts in the last st at neck edge, then turn, and do 2 sts in the first st?  or do I only increase when going "up" toward the neckline?

Thanks for any help!