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Feb 15, 2010

Marcy Smith
is the Editor of
Interweave Crochet
The CrochetMe website surprises me almost every day. Not only are there new voices & new pictures, but there's stuff that didn't used to be there.

It reminds me, again, of my house, where shortly after I moved in, I happened upon a closet in the hallway – a whole closet that I didn't remember was there when we bought the house! Almost two years later, I still call this the bonus closet. It's filled with familiar things that used to be stuffed into the back of another closet.

So it is with CrochetMe. For instance, when I clicked on the Video tab, under the CrochetMe videos, I found all the crochet-oriented segments from Knitting Daily TV. Those used to live elsewhere, all mixed in with the knitting segments.

The best way to review these videos, I think, is to click the slideshow. There, little snippets of each video run before you, like truffles in Willy Wonka's candy factory. Below the slide show, the featured excerpt is highlighted. So when you see something you want to view, you just click on the selected video – then the whole segment plays. Yummy.

So then I clicked on Videos again and slid down to Crochet Tip videos and found, um, nothing. But I happen to know that we have a whole batch of videos on Tunisian crochet techniques ready to load up. As soon as this happens, I'll let you know. For now, you can think of it as an empty shelf in that bonus closet that will soon be filled with good and useful things.

I then clicked on the TV tab. Here we have the line-up of all the upcoming episodes of Knitting Daily TV Series 400. So you can set you DVR to record your favorite episodes. And if you really can't stand to wait, you can order up the DVD. You'll find free patterns from all the episodes of Series 400, including 13 new crochet patterns for all levels of crocheters. And that's not all – in case you missed out on the previous series of Knitting Daily TV, you can download all the free patterns from Knitting Daily TV Series 100, 200 and 300 in the online gallery.

Here's one of my favorite videos. This excerpt from Series 200 features readers' variations of a project, in this case crochet and knit scarves. When you're done viewing, download the free pattern for the  crocheted Float Away Scarf. And then post your own variations in the Gallery on CrochetMe.


Enjoy. And don't forget the popcorn!


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dmandy wrote
on Feb 15, 2010 7:27 AM

More and more when I see an email from Crochet Me in my mail box, I don't bother to open it. I know there is a good chance it will be like the latest one. It will have very little information that I, a crocheter, can use. It will also have a large amount of ads for Interweave prodcuts. I might not mind it so much if it was crochet ads. This latest email has an ad for Knitting Daily that takes up at least half of the email. You are losing me as a reader and as a custormer. I don't visit the site as much as I used to, and that trend will continue downward. I realize that you think of crochet as a stepchild but if you don't want to lose more crocheters, you might want to rethink that belief.

Donna Marie

Char55 wrote
on Feb 16, 2010 6:54 AM

I want to know WHY when I open my CROCHET me newsletter, all I see is KNITTING??????? I DO NOT knit....I crochet....hence, silly me, I signed up for a newsletter called "CROCHET ME" thinking I would get all the latest on CROCHET.

I don't watch "KNITTING DAILY TV" because I DON'T KNIT!  Why is it that people always want to convert crocheters into knitters. Crocheters are lesser people because we only need one implement to do our work instead of two?????In my mind Knitting is a BOTHER, is too hard to maintain an even tension and takes WAY TOO LONG.  If I wanted knitting I would sign up for a newsletter called "KNIT ME"

If knitting continues to creep in and dominate the CROCHET ME newsletter, I will cancel! Don't think that crocheters don't notice the bias....and because I sign up for a craft or crochet newsletter, DOES NOT mean that I want my inbox flooded with ads masquerading as newsletters...If I open a newsletter from Crochet Me, I don't want to find nothing on the page but an ad trying to sell me insurance, or vitamins, or a book club, etc.


E.L wrote
on Feb 16, 2010 12:43 PM

I have to protest the multiple mailings from Crochetme. I have just received the second one this week, and it is an ad.  I signed up for the newsletter, not the daily advertising. This is why I quit Knitting Daily -- the blog may have interesting information, but the daily advertising clutters my inbox.  

paintlady1 wrote
on Mar 6, 2010 12:45 PM

I agree with the last posters. I don't knit and don't care to learn. I LOVE crochet and want all of it I can get my hands on. I don't appreciate the extra emails from Interweave trying to sell me stuff all the time. You are wasting your energy on something I'm not interested in and is making me think of discontinuing my Crochet Me newsletters.

Crochet is an artform in itself. It doesn't need knitting to be complete.

Deb Muth wrote
on Oct 4, 2010 9:32 AM

I'm not quite sure why I was just asked to confirm membership to the Crochet Me group since I've been receiving the newsletter for quite some time. Maybe it's because I wanted to add a comment, huh. Anyway ...

DITTO to the previous postings. I suppose, maybe, that I shouldn't have "re-upped" since there's little or no real connection to the materials being sent. Hmmm.

grace1128 wrote
on Oct 12, 2011 8:53 AM

Cool! can you also make a video for gloves with the fingers on? it's very hard and I just need one video to help me start my fingers please.

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