Inside the Spring 2010 Photo Shoot

Mar 18, 2010

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As the daylight hours lengthen and the early buds of springtime flowers peek through the brown earth, I eagerly begin planning my newest addition to a growing collection of crocheted garments. The Kristy Cardigan (left) by Dora Ohrenstein is at the top of my list. As you browse the preview of Interweave Crochet Spring 2010, I think you'll find that this batch of garments, paired with a tank top or long sleeve shirt as the weather dictates, is perfectly designed for the mild temperatures of spring.

My first opportunity to view the Spring 2010 projects modeled and styled was at our Spring photo shoot on January 4th and 5th. That's right, a spring photo shoot in the middle of winter. I snapped plenty of pictures as we transformed this snowy landscape into a breath of springtime for the Interweave Crochet Spring 2010 issue.

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Snow Coats Devon
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We all arrived at the shoot in northern Colorado armed with thick socks, coats, hats, and gloves. Several inches of snow blanketed the ground with chilly temperatures predicted the first day and snow showers the second. Our models bravely stilled their shivers and smiled, radiating a warmth that didn't come from the thermometer. Despite the chill, they embraced the fascinating textures and luxurious fibers of the garments.
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 Salon  Me  Makeup
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On the second day the downy snowflakes began to fall. You can shoot around a blanket of snow but you can't create a sunny spring day with a confetti of snowflakes. So we moved indoors to a magical salon seemingly transported from the stories of Dr. Seuss, a fabulous retro diner where the ambiance was as appetizing as the food, and several other charming shops.
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Thank you for joining me on an inside look at the Spring photo shoot. As I write this I am preparing for our Summer photo shoot next week. We are looking forward to beautiful weather and being able to showcase another issue of garments and accessories to add to your growing queue of must-make projects.

Best wishes,


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