Stashbusters to the Rescue!

Oct 14, 2010
Sarah Read, project editor . Like so many of my fellow yarnies, I have a bit of a yarn problem. I love yarn—maybe a little too much. I see a skein here and another there, and, oh, how soft and colorful they all are! A sneaky skein follows me home and snuggles in to one of several storage bins I have in the basement closet, and it sits there. And waits. Mostly it waits for winter, when I dive in and pull out all those stray skeins and assign them to gifts for loved ones.

Cooler weather has triggered the crochet-producing endorphins in my bloodstream: It is stash-busting season.
Maybe you too have one or two skeins of lovely yarn that you just had to have, without knowing exactly what it would become. Well, folks, it's time to be making decisions. I'll share my battle plan with you, and you can share yours with me, and together we will cozy the world!

Doris Chan's One for All Family of Mitts .

I have some fantastic local fiber I plan to spin for Doris Chan's One For All Family of Mitts (from our Interweave Crochet Accessories special issue) to give my husband and son. These mitts are the first ever thing my son has requested mommy to make for him! I love the fact that this pattern is diverse enough that my very little guy and my very big guy can both have the same mitts. And if I start to run behind schedule, I can even omit the cables for a quick gift.

Melissa Horozewski's Boyfriend Beanie Here is Melissa Horozewski's Boyfriend Beanie, also from Accessories. I have some Cascade Heritage hand painted sock yarn that is the perfect color for my hubby, who loves beanies! I also have a skein of Malabrigo Sock that might end up as one of these for me as well. The pattern has sizes for us both.
Brenda K. B. Anderson's Sydney's Sideways Socks

I am especially excited to work on Brenda K. B. Anderson's Sydney's Sideways Socks for my Grandma. This is a great pattern for feet of unknown sizes, since the ribbed stitches and side-to-side construction create enough snug and stretch to fit just about anyone. Grandma, who turns 90 this year, is the first person I ever saw crocheting. I'm hoping to hand-deliver the socks in November and return with a blog's worth of photos of the crochet items in her home! There is something about knowing Grandma's feet will be warm that makes me warm all over.

Here's some Farmhouse Yarns Fannie's Fingering Weight that is destined to be a shawlette of some kind for my mother-in-law. She fell in love with this skein at our local yarn shop, and with a sample shawl on the wall. Now I just need to pair it with the perfect pattern...any suggestions?

This is what I have planned so far. There are a number of people on my list who I still need to plan for. And I have a lot of yarn left to inspire more ideas!

If you need some pattern inspiration for special gifts, or if you just need to bust some stash to make room for more, check out our upcoming Accessories issue, or check out the e-book we've put together for you. It has ten of our most popular accessory patterns bundled into one digital package.

Happy Crocheting!


Until next time,

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