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Feb 17, 2011

Make Time for Crochet Every Day, with Knitting Daily TV

"Crochet" Daily TV: 13+ Crochet Corners Airing on Public Television

Don't be fooled by the title Knitting Daily TV. Each episode includes at least onelengthy segment on crochet. Plus in every epsiode, there are fiber basics, yarn know-how, and  designer profiles that crocheters will love.

Kristin Omdahl and Shay Pendray grab their hooks for an installment of Crochet Corner, focusing on edgings and trims.

Kristin Omdahl, the crochet expert on Series 600, is back with 13 more Crochet Corner segments; except this time there's an "edge" to her segments. Beginning with series 600 of Knitting Daily TV, Kristin applies her motif knowledge to crochet edgings, borders, and trims.

Here's a sneak peek of some of some crochet highlights on this season:

Episode 607: Kristin demonstrates how to attach an edging of your choice to any crocheted garment – whether it has a straight or curved edge. You can crochet a seam, attach a motif, add rows of crochet to customize your piece even more, or a combination of all three. Plus, she’ll show you how you can use these methods to shape your garment by using crochet to convert round edges to straight and vice versa.

Episode 608: Taking crochet to the edge even further, Kristin demonstrates perpendicular edgings on capes, shawls, cardigans, and more. She shows how to add an edge with short rows—a technique great for garments with a round edge. Plus, see how short rows can be used to create dramatic, attractive necklines.

Episode 609: Crochet edgings and trims aren’t just for finishing the border of your pieces. In this segment of Crochet Corner, Kristin shows how these edgings and trims can be added in tiers to your pieces, allowing a ruffle-effect to emerge. This feminine addition is great for handbags, baby clothing, and more, and adds a bit of whimsy to your crochet designs.

Kristin and Robyn talk crochet for babies and children on episode 611
Episode 611: Kristin performs magic with illusion crochet. With an original motif design, she demonstrates illusion edgings that look like many rows of crochet, but are actually a motif repeat worked back and forth upon itself in a single row of edging.

Also on episode 611: Kristin Omdahl joins crochet designer and author Robyn Chachula to talk about crocheting for babies and children. Robyn uses crochet charts and symbols, the universal language for crochet, to create her designs—and her patterns for children are cute to boot!

It’s impossible to list all the crochet tidbits in this post, but there’s a lot more! Learn how to crochet a button-band and button holes, join afghan squares, crochet in concentric circles (a technique used in crocheted hats), use huge Tunisian crochet hooks, and much more. You'll meet designers, such as Yumiko Alexander who is known for combining crochet and knitting in her stylish garments.

Knitting Daily TV and all that’s crochet on Series 600 is now airing on Public Television stations across the country. Check your local listings to see if it shows in your area. Or, catch all 13 episodes on a 4-DVD set, a nice collection to add to your crochet video library.


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dt1 wrote
on Mar 30, 2011 1:35 PM

in show 607 i would like to know how to make the pattern pictured they offer free patterns on each show which i love

but they dont have any of the patterns for the edging which i would like to have .have learned a few things fom the shows         thanks       and thanks for your time

Colby@2 wrote
on Apr 12, 2011 2:15 PM

I'd love to have the pattern for the scarf shown in this segment, but cannot find it. Is there an easier way to locate it?

Marcy Smith wrote
on Apr 12, 2011 2:25 PM

Hi Colby@2,

You can find the pattern here:



on Jul 15, 2013 9:15 AM

I wish I could see her crochet. I think I would be at awe. I will be looking for that dvd. Thanks

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