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Jun 6, 2011

In the Summer 2011 issue of Interweave Crochet, we pay homage to the dainty doily. Dora Ohrenstein explores the history of these mathematical wonders rendered in threads. And our designers interpret the doily in designs for the 21st century. You'll find not only domestic doilies in such innovative shapes as the lace bowls at left (Azalea Bowls, Linda Permann), but also garments that incorporate doily shapes.

This issue also features redesigned pattern layouts! You'll find patterns that are easier to read, thanks to a new font, clearer headings, and more section divisions. And detail photos are right where you need them in the pattern. We hope all these changes make your crochet experience more efficient-so you can focus more on crocheting and less time figuring out how to read the pattern 

Here's a closer look at some of the projects in this issue.

Banjo Bag, Sharon Ballsmith Early Girl Dress, Lisa Naskrent Unicycle Vest, Kim Guzman


Motifs go back to back in Sharon Ballsmith's reversible Banjo Bag. Cables gracefully shape Lisa Naskrent's Early Girl Dress. A thread doily punctuates Kim Guzman's Tunisian crochet vest.

Owlivia and Little Livvie, Brenda K. B. Anderson Grove Park Tank, Robyn Chachula River Walk Wrap, Sharon Falkner


Super cute Owlivia by Brenda K. B. Anderson is even cuter worked in thread. An architectural neckline frames a subtle lace in Robyn Chachula's cover garment, the Grove Park Tank. Ripples of lace form the River Walk Wrap by Sharon Falkner.

And there's so much more. Meet Ukrainian designer Antonina Kuznetsova, who reinterprets Irish crochet, and take a look at the Ukrainian crochet magazine Duplet, stuffed end to end with amazing lace crochet projects. Learn how to create felt and polymer clay grips to make those tiny steel hooks more manageable. Wrap up the Chain Reaction Afghan Project with a chain border. Pluck your favorites from among the 23 fresh designs in this issue. 

Check out all the projects in this issue. And to enjoy fresh crochet year round, subscribe today.



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Shellie2355 wrote
on Jun 8, 2011 2:19 PM

I absolutely love the articles in this issue. I haven't had a chance to try any of the patterns in their new format, but I "ate up" each and every one of the Features -- especially the pieces on Clones lace and Antonina Kuznetsova! Please, please keep including these wonderful bits of history and contemporary artisans!

pat p. wrote
on Jun 9, 2011 11:32 AM

Many years ago my grandmother taught me to crochet with a size 10 hook and a ball of size 30 ecru thread. That's how "ladies" learned. I don't know about that but I know 40 years later this lady still loves to make doilies and all things lace. Any time this art form is given its due is a good time to me. There is always room for more beauty in the world,and the history should be passed on and kept alive.