My Great Grandmother's Crochet

Dec 27, 2011

When I walked in the door of my parent's home for the holidays this year, I was greeted by several crocheted Santa doorknob covers. My nieces had been decorating and had found a box of old Christmas decorations. They loved adding these antique decorations to my mother's newer pieces.

The Santa doorknob covers were crocheted by my Great Grandma Jones at least 45 years ago. My mother remembers them from her own childhood, and I remember lovingly decorating the doorknobs with them when I was a child.

I immediately pulled one of the doorknob covers from its perch and lovingly fingered the worn stitches. These stitches had been worked before I was even born by my great grandmother, who passed away when I was very little. But now we share a love of crochet. 

Crochet pieces, particularly home decor items, passed from family member to family member are a beautiful way to connect crocheters despite the separation of time. Do you have pieces of holiday crochet at your houses that were created by your ancestors?

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on Dec 28, 2011 8:06 AM

How nostalgic! Your story brought back blessed memories of my grandmothers.  One taught me to crochet and the other taught me to sew.  The sewing was for practical purposes that kept me in school clothes from 6th grade and throughout high school.  I remember babysitting every summer for 50 cents an hour to save enough money to buy material to make my school dresses (yes, we wore dresses to school back then).  Crocheting with my other grandmother was for fun.  I remember sitting with her and making sc potholders while she made intricate doilies.  I never saw her with a pattern.  Each doily she made just magically became this work of art.  Although I don't have one of those doiles as a keepsake, I do have some wonderful memories off grandma and me sharing precious time together.

sistermine wrote
on May 3, 2012 5:47 PM

I dont remember my great grandmother, she passed away before my parents were married. What I do have are his knitting needles, they must have been for socks, due to the size of the needles. I also have several things she crocheted, pillowcases, doillies and my favorite is the crocheted table cloth she made for my mother. It was made for the table that my mother inherited, both are well over 100 years old. They used to be brought only for 2 holidays a year. Even though I didn't get to meet her, she is my inspiration in knitting and crocheting. Thank you for letting me share her story.