The Crochet Oya Crochet-Along: Gathering Up Your Supplies

Jun 15, 2012

Greetings, yarn friends!

Hopefully you are all well on your way to gathering up yarn, fabrics, and notions to begin your crochet oya projects. For me, it turned out to be quite the delightful scavenger hunt. Under my bed were some errant fat quarters of quilting fabrics that I acquired some time ago. Those will become a pair of tea towels for the kitchen. I just finished a jar of preserves, so I carefully soaked and rinsed it out with some deliciously smelly dish soap. I want to make the lid into a pincushion and crochet Shelby Allaho's Tiara Trim around the edge. I'll also use it as button storage. Do you have as many buttons floating about your craft space as I do in mine? I took a stroll down to one of our local antique shops and rifled through a lovely little collection of vintage hankies and for a whopping $6, walked out with three little lovelies. I think I'll give these as gifts to some of the ladies in my life.

Over the weekend, I even got a jump-start on Dora Ohrenstein's Traditional Oya. See all those pretty white flowers? I chose to use a sport-weight linen rather than thread. I'd like to make mine into a pretty garland to string around my bedroom. I'll show you a few more ideas I have for this lovely, versatile design as well. Come join me over at the forums and share what you will be working on, won't you please?

Happy Stitching!


P.S. If you're feeling ambitious, our special fabric design featured in the Interweave Crochet Summer 2012 New & Notable is available for purchase on the Spoonflower website, here:

P.P.S. See that hook? It's blown glass. The picture doesn't do justice to its beauty. It was generously sent to me by these folks, and I'll be testing it out with these oya designs.


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on Jul 10, 2012 4:33 PM

hi sharon! i know this will seem random, considering your blog is about the oya. which look really cool. currently i'm doing my best to stick to finishing a pillow i've started. someday, i hope to be really great at crochet. my husband's grandma taught me when we were visiting last sept. she showed me the basics and i'm doing most of it on my own. I read your article about blocking in the summer 2011 issue. i was wondering, is it necessary to block All projects or just some? in what situations would one use blocking is the big question? i'd love to hear back from you or anyone else who can answer this question : re: crochet blocking sincerely, jodi