Crochet Traditions Fall 2012

Crochet Traditions Fall 2012, a 148-page special issue from PieceWork magazine, explores the rich variety and techniques of crochet with 28 patterns for mittens, a skirt, hats, a shawl, bags, socks, and more. Companion stories frame projects in their cultural or historical context. In addition to this beautiful treasury of tradition and design, crocheters from novice to advanced will love the special focus on techniques, ranging from Irish crochet and tapestry to Tunisian and filet.



Nancy Nehring

Máire Treanor

Gwen Blakley Kinsler



A Vintage Auto-Cap
Mrs. J. S. Stevenson

Pretty Baby Doily
Elizabeth Hiddleson



Baby Blanket Lace Square
Dora Ohrenstein

Vintage Imitation Armenian Lace
Marie Haase


Vintage Venetian Border
Anna R. Hapgood

A Christening Bag to Knit and Crochet with Broomstick Lace
Karen E. Hooton

Raindrops Broomstick Lace Shawl
Jill Wright

















Amazing Technicolor Tapestry Socks
Sarah Read

Myrtle's Square
Marcy Smith

A Hat in Tapestry Crochet
Carol Ventura

Slip-Stitch Mittens
Carol Huebscher Rhoades















An Arabesque Tablecloth
Mary Card

Laura Ingalls Wilder's Doily
Bendy Carter

Turn-of-the-Century Filet Crochet Collars and Cuffs
Ava T. Coleman

Vintage Teddy-Bear Lace















A Vintage Crocheted Bag for Knitting
Weldon's Practical Needlework

A Vintage Donkey
Mildred Leetham

A Sweetheart Dress for a Mary Hoyer Doll
Karen C. K. Ballard

A Victorian Cat and Lamb
Meg Grossman

A Vintage Fruit Basket in "Cut-Glass" Pattern
Mrs. C. J. Anderson

A Pansy Necklace
Donna Druchunas


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When Famine Ravaged Ireland by Kax Wilson
When famines led to starvation in Ireland, a few charitable women helped the destitute earn money by teaching them to crochet lace.

An Irish Crochet Bedspread by Nancy Nehring
A stunning Irish crochet bedspread includes butterfly, bird, and flower motifs.

Irish Crochet in Europe in the 19th Century by Máire Treanor
Irish crochet imitates many of the European bobbin laces worn in the 19th century.

Irish Crochet: The Original Freeform Crochet by Gwen Blakley Kinsler
Irish crochet was the original freeform crochet and this antique crochet is the inspiration for many of today's designs. 



The Crochet Patterns of Elizabeth Hiddleson by Doris Chan
Explore the life of crochet designer and publisher, Elizabeth Hiddleson. 

Great-Grandmother's Baby Blanket by Pattie Graver
Pattie Graver connects with her grandmother through a crochet baby blanket.

Bewitched by Broomstick by Karen E. Hooton
Karen E. Hooton fell in love with broomstick lace in the 1970s.



Amazing Technicolor Tapestry Socks by Sarah Read
Sarah Read creates a pair of tapestry crochet socks inspired by a pair of vintage thread socks.

Myrtle's Tobacco-Twine Bedspread by Marcy Smith
Marcy Smith looks into crochet motif afghans created from tobacco twine.

A Crocheted holed-Anna Coin Purse by Chitra Balasubramaniam
The Indian holed-anna coin was used to create crochet purses.

The Bamum Tapestry-Crochet Hats of Foumban by Carol Ventura
Traditional tapestry crochet hats are thriving in Foumban.

Berit Westman and Swedish Traditional Textile Crafts  by Carol Huebscher Rhoades
Berit Westman strives to preserve traditional Swedish techniques.



Mary Card Prolific Australian Crochet Designer by Barbara Ballantyne
Mary Card is known for her amazing filet crochet creations.

Collars and Cuffs in the Early 20th Century: Dressing for the Occasion by Ava T. Coleman
Crochet collars and matching cuffs decorated blouses and everyday suit jackets.



The 1940s: Motfs-for-Crochet Fad by Karen C. K. Ballard
Woven cloth motifs were crocheted together after World War II.

Why, Oh Why, the Doily? by Janice N. Harrington
A poem about the doily.

Mary Hoyer: Crochet, Knitting, Sewing, and Doll Design by Karen C. K. Ballard
Mary Hoyer had a passion for designing children's and dolls' crocheted apparel.

Trimmings: Vintage Needlework Publication
Learn how to crochet from vintage crochet patterns.


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