Journey Through the Maze Vest

Jun 3, 2014

Vashti Braha's Maze Vest from the Summer 2014 issue of Interweave Crochet uses an extended Tunisian stitch and two different weights of yarn to achieve its airy texture. Here's how to manage two yarns on a double-ended hook, shown in her Tunisian extended knit stitch and filet return pass.

I'm using a smooth lace weight and Aran yarn on a 6 mm double-ended Tunisian hook to show the stitches.

 With the thicker yarn, chain as indicated in the pattern for a gauge swatch, then add the thinner yarn to the hook with a slip knot. Pull the new loop of the thinner yarn through the loop of thicker yarn on the hook. Continuing with the thin yarn only, work Tunisian extended knit stitch beginning in the second stitch and in alternating stitches across the forward pass (see the Stitch Guide for Teks instructions).
Turn work so that the WS is facing and the thicker yarn is ready to be worked. Work a filet return pass by inserting the hook into the last chain of thick yarn and pulling up a loop. Chain one and pull through two loops on the hook. Continue to chain one and pull through two loops until one loop remains on the hook. Pick up the thin yarn again and chain two. Turn work. Work a Teks in each Teks across. Work a filet return pass. Continue as long as you like! 

This stitch is especially fun to work with a mohair lace weight and a smooth, thick yarn. When blocked, the lace opens up, and the thicker yarn will appear to float in a lovely curving line through the mesh of lace. If you're not a vest-wearer, this stitch pattern would make an excellent stole-textured and airy, lightweight and cozy.

Enjoy! And be sure to share your finished projects with us. We love to see your work!


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