Crochet, Fall 2013

Explore rich cables and terrific textures in the Fall 2013 issue of Interweave Crochet. Crocheters of all levels will learn something new with bold spins on technique and construction, as well as a critical look at varying crochet hook structures. All together, you'll find 19 designs you need to make right now, including cardigans of all lengths, a pullover, a skirt, and innovative accessories.

On Newsstands September 17, 2013



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"It is a beautiful publication! In the flood of incredible knitting patterns it's a challenge to find chic and beautiful crochet.  So happy to have found you!"
-Kim B.

"I am HOOKED and LOVE this magazine!  Thank you for the fresh articles and new spin on design and clothing!  "
-Cheryl K.

" I really enjoy reading your magazine!  It's sooo nice to see projects that are interesting and elegant!"
-Sue R.

"This is simply the best crochet magazine ever.  Classy, well-written, and relevant all describe the magazine."



Equipoise Beret
Lily Chin

Asquint Skirt
Annie Modesitt

Perspective Purse
Ellen Gormley

Emergence Shawl
Kathryn White

Wavy Lines Cardigan
Kathy Merrick


Better Than His Sweater
Amy Gunderson

Boulder Bolero
Doris Chan

Columbine Cardi
Robyn Chachula

Chautauqua Cardi Wrap
Shannon Mullet-Bowlsby

Great Wall Pullover
Moon Eldridge

Obi Scarf
Shelby Allaho

Umami Shrug
Annie Modesitt

Saoirse Stole
Doris Chan


Rudens Scarf
Linda Skuja

Thistle Cowl
Victoria Hewerdine Thornton

Foxglove Wrap
Robyn Chachula


Fast and Fabulous: Aspen Infinity Cowl
Linda Permann

Hexapop Blanket
Vickie Howell

Book Excerpt: Rivuline Shawl
Vashti Braha



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Yarn Spotlight: Organic Yarns
by Marcy Smith

How important is organic yarn? Organic yarn is kinder to the environment, and by purchasing it, you demonstrate your support for these practices. It is also easier on sensitive skin.

Explore more great organic yarns in the blogs.

Parenthook: Crochet a Hug
by Vickie Howell

A handmade blanket is the perfect way to send a reminder of your love with a child, whether they are headed to their first day of kindergarten or off to college.
Beyond the Basics: Be Captain of Your Hooks
by Julia M. Chambers

This is the first of a two-part series on hooks and  handholds. In this  first part, Julia explains the differences in crochet hooks and suggests the best uses for different types.

Everyday Crochet: Freestyle
by Kathryn Vercillo

Discover young crocheter Ikea Vandross. She has  combined freestyle crochet with her interests in fashion, portraiture, and other forms to create a variety of art.

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Boulder Bolero: Crochet Buttons

Learn how to create crochet buttons.



Great Wall Pullover: Colorwork Tricks

Learn how to crochet colorwork tips and tricks.


Asquint Skirt: Explore Colorways

Explore techniques to create gorgeous colorways.


Obi Scarf: Surface Single Crochet

Discover tips for working surface single crochet.


Saoirse Stole: Style it All the Ways

Explore stylish ways to wear a crochet stole.


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