ding dong the blog is here!

Sep 22, 2004

Hellloooo! We've noticed that a bunch of folks have included Crochet me in the list of blogs they read. Now, we never really thought of Cm as a blog per se, and are in the process of making much more of a magazine out of it, but we like the idea of a Crochet me blog. So that's how you came to find yourselves here. Wicked.

All content will be related to Crochet me. What we're up to, what's coming and going, when to expect new stuff, how to improve your daily disposition, where to get those rad shoes, what to do about that funny smell. Oh, wait. We digress already.

This blog is a good place for you to voice your comments about Crochet me, for all the world to see (but do keep them on topic; we'll delete those that aren't). It's also a place where we'll run new ideas by you.

So, let's get to it: Your favourite pink and blue web site for free crochet patterns and articles is moving into a formal publication schedule. Now, we're not really formal people, and we don't figure you to be either. But we do have a lot to get done in a day, and we need to be able to do it while still keeping Cm fun and keeping you happy. So, starting October 1, we'll publish every other month. And yes, back issues will be archived for your crocheting pleasure.

Ok. That's enough information for our very first post, don't you think? Catch ya later.

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on Oct 3, 2010 6:36 PM


It's about time...lol

Finally a blog devoted to the BEST needle craft in the whole world!

Why do I say that?

I know, all the "knitting-snobs" (lol) out there are shaking their heads now and saying that I'm nutty, but I used to knit.  Then I had to have brain surgery due to a birth defect that was missed by the 'round 38 specialists in my County... Now, unfortunately my left hand is partially paralyzed.  What does this have to do with Crochet and Knitting?  Well, I can still crochet quite well with only 2 fingers working on my left hand, but I just cannot knit.  I still rake/loom knit, and most people cannot tell the difference, but even that is difficult and puts a strain on my left first finger and thumb.  Crochet is "the great equalizer" for me when it comes to needle crafting.  I did buy a book called 'From Needles to Hook' which has made it possible for me to crochet a pattenr and make it look just like knitting...but it's not quite the same.

Thanks again for starting this blog, it's sure to be one of my favorites.

Anne in Reading PA

SierraSuz wrote
on Dec 19, 2010 2:59 PM

Anne!!! 3 Big Ole Cheers for you !!

I taught myself, with the help of You Tube, to crochet last Jan. (2010)

I'm left handed and no one could help either family or friends.

I've joined a Crochet for Charity group in our small town and have learned

so very much. Not only the joy of giving but the joy of learning.

For this ole grandma it has been such a joy to come to this web site

and gain more knowledge and now, meet up with others who share this

new found passion !!

Keep up the great site--

Sue in Twain Harte, Ca.