for the rock star in all of us

Dec 2, 2004
This is too awesome:

Not to be found anywhere on a list of emblematic postures of a present or past-day rock ā€™nā€™ roll frontman is the one where that half-showered singer is folded into the backseat of a cargo van crocheting scarves between cities.

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Julie wrote
on Dec 2, 2004 10:18 AM

It would have been cool to see some pictures though, but I do love that idea. :o)

cecily wrote
on Dec 2, 2004 10:45 AM

One of my favorite crochet buddies learned to crochet on the road from one of his fellow back-up singer/dancer types. I just love the idea that someone who performed with James Brown crochets:)

dori wrote
on Dec 2, 2004 11:33 AM

a picture would have made this thousands of times more entertaining (if only because i spend a godawful amount of time making stuff 'on the road' to sell and support myself)... it's still so cute tho that it's a guy!ah well - after xmas i am not making anyone else ANYTHING!!! i'm going to be spending all my time, money and yarn on me. i can't wait, hehehe...