Stash Bash: Getting Organized

Sep 14, 2011

In celebration of Interweave's Stash Buster sale (you know about the sale, right?), I took some photos of my in-progress stash organization. Inspired by Lee Meredith's coffee-can yarn storage, I saved formula canisters for the last eight months. Et voilà!

Stash Bash! I'll show you (some of) mine...


 Have you shared photos of your stash in the Flickr group yet?

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Char55 wrote
on Sep 15, 2011 10:38 AM

Your photos look great, but I'm afraid coffee cans just wouldn't fit all my yarn (plus it would take me forever to drink that much coffee:) ; and I would worry about rough edges snagging the yarn. I prefer to keep mine in dust-free, zippered, hanging sweater bags (6 to 8 shelves each) with clear plastic fronts for easy viewing. I have 3 of them plus a smaller zippered, hanging shoe bag (10 shelves) for crochet thread and small stuff like trims and ribbons.

Joe Black wrote
on Oct 18, 2011 4:02 AM

Really nice topic