Yakety Yak

Dec 1, 2009

A few enewsletters ago, I gave tips for finding small bonus projects in the Fall issue of Interweave Crochet. One of the projects was doing the first few rounds of the Leaf Peeper Hats and turning them into coasters.

Well, the time has come to give away these crocheted gifts for friends and I'm in the wrapping process. Here they are:

I tied four coasters together with fancy ribbon yarn and a little tag with a picture of The Coasters, then wrapped them in tissue paper. Contrasting twine and a wee bead ornament finishes it off.

For those of you who missed this enewsletter, first go over and sign up on the right there, so you don't miss any more tips. Then do this: Do the first four rounds of a Leaf Peeper Hat, then work a round of reverse single crochet around the edge. The edging reverses the curve of the hat top to cup slightly, so it hugs the glass a little. I used some Noro from my stash, with Lamb's Pride Bulky around the edge.

Happy crocheting!


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