Nightmare Before Christmas

Dec 20, 2009

So, I pulled my ornaments down from the attic. I opened one box and found this:

It looks like something Tim Burton dreamed up!

It's supposed to be a snowflake, something I crocheted, um, a looong time ago. It has several companions, all equally warped. Clearly, these puppies got packed up in a hurry last year, rather than being lovingly placed between tissue paper for their yearlong nap.

So, I pulled out the iron & set it to cotton. I gave the snowflakes a blast of steam. And voila! They flattened right out & the latent starch reactivated, so they hold their shape.

This snowflake is much happier now:


Here's hoping all your crocheted snowflakes are just as happy!


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CapnHook wrote
on Dec 21, 2009 12:14 PM

LOL--I too have found several of my crocheted ornaments a little "unhappy" about just being tossed into a box. Good to know they can be reshaped so easily. Thanks for the tip.