Tying Up Loose Ends

Dec 31, 2009



The Marcy version of the Moorish Mosaic Afghan from the Interweave Crochet Fall 2009 issue is done!
I changed up the colors a bit, as you can see. I also left off the triangular motifs, and let the edges follow the shape of the motifs.

I finished it off with an edge of purple single crochet.

There may be one or two unwoven ends on the back. I won't tell.

I kind of want to make another one.


(I know a few of you have finished your afghans. I can't wait to see them!)

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NorahW wrote
on Dec 31, 2009 10:43 PM

It's beautiful, Marcy. I love the colors you used. Happy New Year!

msbyrdt wrote
on Jan 1, 2010 7:57 AM
I LOVE it! The colors that you chose, are perfect...I wish I had the patience, you've given me the inspiration, I needed. I've been following your progress and it really didn't take that long, for you to make it.
Give yourself 2 thumbs up! ;>


theonlynikki wrote
on Jan 1, 2010 8:55 AM

Oh my gosh!!! That is amazing! Wonderful job. I've been silently following this. I'm terribly envious of this afghan. Some day when I'm feeling brave I'll start my own.

Thanks for sharing!

daligirl wrote
on Jan 1, 2010 3:34 PM

Gorgeous, I just love the colors you used. You definitely have an eye for color and content!!

bitscared wrote
on Jan 4, 2010 4:20 AM
I love this! My sister-in-law gave me a subscription to Interweave Crochet and I was pouring over the spring issue and I was trying to figure out if you could leave off the triangles and there you have done it!!!

Looks fantastic! I aspire to be as skilled as you are!

TimStyx wrote
on Jan 4, 2010 7:29 AM

moorish style is so distinct i love it.

on Jan 9, 2010 4:53 AM
mad for crochet!

Oh my! It is gorgeous! I have been enjoying following your progress. I started one myself and have posted pictures in the forums. What a wonderful pattern this is, endless possibilities! Cheers! - Sarah

Marcy Smith wrote
on Jan 13, 2010 11:03 AM
Oh! Your motifs are gorgeous! I love the plant-dyed fibers! Will you add motifs to make it larger or make it as is & have a smaller throw?


ohiojo1953 wrote
on Jan 13, 2010 2:11 PM

Can someone tell me how to get the issue this pattern was printed in or send me the pattern. Thank you, Jo

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LMRAB wrote
on Jan 19, 2010 7:04 AM

Hi I am a new member here. Where can I get this pattern, it is beautiful. I love the colors that you used.