The March Hat: Part 2

Apr 2, 2010

When last we chatted, I was deplaning with a partially done hat (The Hot Cross Slouch Beret by Jennifer Appleby from our Free Crochet Hat Patterns eBook.)

Maybe when you were a kid, your mom would say that if you didn't finish your meatloaf and spinach, you'd find it on your plate for breakfast (not saying this happened to me, just saying it might could happen).

At any rate, this is what I found at the breakfast table the next day:

The unfinished hat. Clearly, it wasn't going to finish itself. And since I'm not traveling on a plane for another two months, I didn't want it to just sit around. I wanted to finish it.

So the hubby and I packed it up and hit the road:

After it finished sunning itself on the dash there, I worked on it until we found a place we wanted to stop. There I found a model to try on the hat-in-progress:

This fellow was hanging out at Fantasy Lake in Rolesville, NC. Just beyond in the quarry lake are divers earning their scuba certification. I asked another, perkier fellow there how cold the water was:

"47 degrees," he said.

"Dang, that's cold!" I observed.


We moved on, back to town, where we were enticed by some outdoor rockers to stop here:

We found another model:

This is the mascot for The University of North Carolina. Sadly, the Tar Heels, champs of the 2009 NCAA tournament, didn't qualify for the tourney this year. But the hat seems to have cheered the Ram some.

We sit a spell in the outdoor chairs that enticed us to stop. (Note the hiking footwear. We really had intended to go for a hike before hearing the siren call of Fantasy Lake, then the Rolesville Furn. Co.)

As I crochet, I observe the town's one stoplight at the main crossroad, where traffic is still uncomplicated enough that you can tote a carpet across the road.

We decide to head inside, where we find the perfect table and chairs for our downstairs den and a pretty swell coffee table. By the time we come out, the hat is big enough to be a skirt for our friend, the Ram:

He seems less cheered by this.

We did, in fact, find a little spot to hike and picnic,

And, along the path, we find another hat model:

This is a critter by Clyde Jones. Clyde uses a chain saw to cut and shape the wood, then he nails them together and adds details with found objects, such as plastic  flowers for eyes:

Clyde makes all different critters. This is an oddvark, we believe.

After a bit, we head home:

to our own backyard:

(another purely gratuitous shot, to share spring with those of you in climates still blossom-challenged)

After we reassemble our furniture, we head out for a quick trip to China:

(Note the brand-new second ball of yarn. Serena has 170 yards, and I joined the second ball right after the second-to-last lacy row. To be safe, you should get about 230 yards of whatever yarn you use.)

The hat is nearly done. With my feet propped on the new coffee table, I finish up the one row of lacy stuff, then a few rows of rapidly decreasing single crochet. (Another slight modification: I add a final row of sl st 2 tog to close the hole, rather than putting a button on it.)

And here, my lovely stepdaughter, Hana, models the finished hat:

It's a big hat and needs a home on a head full of tresses. Just right for giving some warmth without mussing the 'do.

Suggestions for a home for this lovely, purply, slouchy hat are welcome.

Happy trails.


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photogmomma wrote
on Apr 2, 2010 11:22 AM

You crack me up! LOL! I love all your "models". And that hat is ADORABLE! I know what is next on my list. As someone with a huge head and a huge head of hair, this hat would be put to good use!



skersey wrote
on Apr 6, 2010 8:06 AM

I have made this hat and love, love, love it! I actually had to write to a girl in the UK who had posted it on her blog in order to get the pattern. Great way to make new friends!

nenamary wrote
on Mar 3, 2013 12:17 PM

Marcy I am having a problem understanding how to make the last TRX at end of row 8.  I only have 36 TR-X..I have my ch 4 at beginning and I have made my last TR X going around row 8.  Do I wrap three times and go in to sc that ch 4 is in on back side or under the chain 4 so that it is crossed as I work the loops off?

mmmbush wrote
on Mar 5, 2013 10:02 PM

Will you post your version of the slouch beret at some point?? So far from what I have worked on the original pattern I like it...however, I am currently stuck on the lacy row and haven't figured out what I am doing wrong.

Marcy Smith wrote
on Mar 6, 2013 11:37 AM

Nenamary, It's been a while since I made this hat. I'll take a look and let you know! mmmbush, you can see the finished hat above. I'll also repost it in a couple of weeks as part of another hat blog. Meanwhile, I'll look into your issue! Be back soon!


mmmbush wrote
on Mar 6, 2013 9:57 PM

Thank you Marcy! I will continue to check and read your blog for more info. I must say reading your blogs and getting to see your creations are truly inspiring! :)


nenamary wrote
on Mar 7, 2013 10:10 AM

Thank You Marcy

I will keep checking and await your answer.


Nena Mary

Marcy Smith wrote
on Mar 7, 2013 3:08 PM

Hi Mistie & Nena Mary!

So, I've worked through this & identified potential problem spots. (I gave the hat away, so I started fresh. This was a good thing! I might have to make another now!)

In the original blog, I noted that I had some issues with the increase round. This is Rnd 7. The pattern is correct, but you have to follow verrrry carefully and focus on the stitches. Between each inc st, you alternate working sc in 1 st and in sc in 2 st. So, you work: *sc in next st, inc in next st, sc in next 2 st, inc in next st, rep from * The pattern is phrased so that you end rnd on appropriate number of st, but it's a bit difficult to read. And tho it seems simple on the surface, I found I had to check my st count Every Time I increased (this after having to rip back a lot on my first go-through). At the end of the rnd, you should have 126 sc (this is not noted in patt. Boo!)

On Rnd 8, the first lacy row, a few notes:

1. begin that first X st in the first st (that is, the one you joined to with a sl st & worked 4 ch from).

2. The ch 4 is just bringing you up to the appropriate height. It does not count as a st.

3. The patt indicates that you "rep from * BUT, there's no * in the patt (boo again!). The * should come right before the TrX (so you do not repeat the ch 4; you just proceed to the next TrX)

4. Be careful that you start a new TrX in a fresh, unworked st; it is easy to mistakenly start the st in the last st worked, because it's a bit gappy from being worked in.

I hope this helps! Let me know!



on May 1, 2013 4:23 AM

Turning stash yarn into a bunch of beanies, part 2.