Getting Creative with Crochet Baby Gifts

Apr 29, 2011

This blog is a bit of a plea for help.  As I have previously mentioned, I am doing a lot of crocheting right now.  In addition to being surrounded by oodles of great patterns here at Interweave, recently family circumstances have serendipitously given me even more reasons to keep my hooks at warp speed. 

My brother is getting married, and so I have started a keepsake bag for my future sister-in-law to use for her odds and ends during the wedding ceremony, and I have a new nephew on the way in the next few weeks.  For this gift, I’d usually just whip up some cute booties and be done with it.  I’m at that age where there are new babies from friends and siblings constantly, and so I have plenty of go-to cute and quick patterns.  However, when the bundle of joy is within my own family, having my mother and grandmother churning out blankets, hats, and booties at the speed of light has caused me to have to get creative with what I will make for the new wee one.
In fact it was just yesterday morning that I sent my mom the Eight Free Hat Patterns e-Book, and by this morning, she had emailed me a picture of three hats she had already finished!  What’s a girl to do?


My  Mom's Hats

That’s where you all come in.  Now, admittedly, I’ve got a bit of a competitive streak. As such, I’ve decided that I’m gonna get crafty with this business and design something myself.  What would you want to get as a new mama? As a new mom, what did you get that you never had enough of? Some bibs, perhaps?  Maybe a stuffed animal?  This is my call for help! And once my project is chosen and complete, I promise a pattern and copious pictures of both the crochet and the adorable baby, Oscar. Until then, have a happy crochet-filled weekend!



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Char55 wrote
on Apr 30, 2011 4:28 PM

How about a hanging diaper holder or some covers for the changing table pad? Maybe a blanket for the car seat (with openings for the straps to go through)?

physicsgirl wrote
on May 4, 2011 10:27 PM

Really:  I crocheted for my own baby, and she didn't wear a THING I made.  As a summer baby (as your nephew will be).. and living in the northern hemisphere (though not the northernmost part)... it was HOT.  No sweaters needed.  No hats needed.  no booties needed.

A sleepsack would have been nice, but I bought two fleece ones for 5-10 dollars each.

I did, and still do, use the full size afgan I made.

physicsgirl wrote
on May 4, 2011 11:06 PM

Also (sorry I had to take a break to put the awakened toddler back to sleep under her blanket -- yep I LOVE that full size baby-soft afgan we have to snuggle under -- Good for nights of nursing, and good now that she is her own bed!):

Stuffed balls to roll and throw or blocks to stack (or throw) are good for an earlier age. Our little girl started playing ball early... probably because her older brother is involved in football.  I also think Lion-Hart yarn has a nice stackable ring pattern for crochet.

Now after he gets older:  

At 5-6 months, it will be entering fall/winter... and a hat with a STRAP would be nice.  The babies in our family pull them off otherwise.  I crocheted a "helmet" style with a strap (pattern from the 70's) for my nephew, and my sister loved it because it was the only hat she had with a strap.

At 1.5 years or so, he'll be entering pretend play and developing vocabulary.  Then stuffed toys are useful.  Our little girl didn't get into stuffed animals and puppets until just recently (since she's learning animals and sounds, and going to the zoo and pet store on a regular basis).  She's also learning to dress stuffed toys (a good way to allow me to change her clothes), or imagine them doing activities she  has been learning to do (jumping, eating, brushing teeth, sitting at the base of the stairs, etc.).  Make him an array of little fun arugami THEN, unless you think they'd be great for throwing (or teething on) at an earlier age.

sewr wrote
on May 9, 2011 4:26 PM

When my daughter had her first baby I wanted to give her something she would find really useful. I had wrapped myself and my babies in an afghan many years ago but she wanted something a little more tailored to the purpose.

The requirements were that the item stay on her shoulders without fussing, and be washable.

A search led me to Lily Chin's Couture Crochet Workshop and her Accessories a la Russe in particular. I adapted the cape to washable yarn and managed to make the 90" circumference garment in only about a week. I used a toggle button that would be easy to manage with one hand (the other being occupied holding the baby.

My daughter loves it and I got the added bonus of Ms.Chin's lesson on how to think about circular designs. I would make this again (learning from my mistakes) for future moms-in-waiting.

Mimi Monroe

on May 13, 2011 2:29 PM

Thanks for your suggestions, ladies!

@physicsgirl- I hate the idea of making something that they won't ever use!  It has to be something that they will actually put to use.  We always loved our baby blankets or afghans that my mama made.  And the idea of little stuffed toys is PERFECT.  Washable wools or acrylics are easy for mom and to take care of, so they'll thank me for that.  Hmmm....great suggestions!

on May 13, 2011 2:30 PM

@Char- The diaper holder/covers were on the top of my list! LOVE this idea!

on May 13, 2011 2:31 PM

@sewr-I totally agree about the blankies.  You can never have too many blankies!