Crochetscene 2014

This special oversized issue of Crochetscene features 35+ on-trend crochet projects designed with the new crocheter in mind, but engaging enough for experienced crocheters. Clear, easy-to-follow patterns— as well as a special step-by-step How to Crochet section— allow you to make fabulous garments quickly and without angst.  Wrap crochet into your lifestyle with these quick yet refined projects— garments, accessories, home dec projects, bags and more— that let you proclaim that you are a crocheter. 

On Newsstands August 12, 2014



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"It is a beautiful publication! In the flood of incredible knitting patterns it's a challenge to find chic and beautiful crochet.  So happy to have found you!"
-Kim B.

"I am HOOKED and LOVE this magazine!  Thank you for the fresh articles and new spin on design and clothing!  "
-Cheryl K.

" I really enjoy reading your magazine!  It's sooo nice to see projects that are interesting and elegant!"
-Sue R.

"This is simply the best crochet magazine ever.  Classy, well-written, and relevant all describe the magazine."



Fission Shawl
Annette Hynes

Kinetic Throw
Nirmal Kaur Khalsa

Radical Top
Jill Wright


Atomic Rose Poncho
Sue Perez


Fusion Necklace
Faina Goberstein

Molecule Cowl
Sachiko Burgin

Axis Tote
Joyce Geisler

Pin-Setter Cardigan
Dora Ohrenstein

Punch Pillows
Edie Eckman


Kingpin Cowl
Christy Lutz


Swank Tank
Jill Wright


Livvie Vest
Rohn Strong



Ava Skirt
Jill Hanratty


Lottie Top
Moon Eldridge


Ella Slippers
Dora Ohrenstein

Trixie Tunic
Tammy Hildebrand


Delia Bag
Brenda K. B. Anderson



Trudi Scarf
Darla Fanton

Sierra Sweater
Laurinda Reddig

Petroglyph Baskets
Beth Graham

Canyon Clutch
J. Erin Boland
Bitterbrush Bandit
April Garwood


Paintbrush Skirt
Natasha Robarge


Arrowhead Necklace
Beth Nielsen

Ingot Shell
Lily Chin

Diamondback Belt
Lori Carlson

Coldwave Sweater
Linda Skuja

Swing Vest
Doris Chan

Jazz Topper
Lynn Wasylkevych


Improv Belt
Anne Potter


Ska Mini Bag
Faina Goberstein

Riff Cowl
Jill Wright

Pineapple Skirt
Annastasia Cruz

Ginger Scarf
Beth Major

Lavender Wristers
Nirmal Kaur Khalsa


Chablis Socks
Brenda K. B. Anderson


Minty Fresh Poncho
Wendy Lewis

Mango Infinity Cowl
Darla Fanton



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on Jul 28, 2014 11:08 AM

Fission Shawl by Annette Hynes, Crochetscene 2014 Ginger Scarf by Beth Major, Crochetscene 2014 I don't

on Jul 31, 2014 10:32 AM

Arrowhead Necklace by Beth Nielsen, Crochetscene 2014 If you've been wanting to turn your crochet

roamaustin wrote
on Aug 9, 2014 5:29 AM

I love thiscrochetscene magazine, awesome on trend items, I will make many of these patterns, thanks for an awesome edition

roamaustin wrote
on Aug 9, 2014 5:29 AM

I love thiscrochetscene magazine, awesome on trend items, I will make many of these patterns, thanks for an awesome edition

on Oct 7, 2014 12:16 PM

Hello, crocheters! I'm the new Assistant Editor of Interweave Crochet , and I'm so excited to

on Nov 20, 2014 6:28 PM

Crochet stitch diagrams are a great, useful tool for following patterns. Particularly when the pattern