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Crochet for Kids with Crochet Me:
5 FREE Crochet Patterns for Kids

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Take a look at these five free crochet patterns for kids and imagine the smile on your favorite little person’s face as they delight in their new gift. Whether you choose one of the fashionable crochet cardigan patterns, the adorable crochet poncho, the gorgeous little crochet dress, or the charming crochet toy frog, the love you put in each stitch will be felt for many years to come.

There's nothing more satisfying than making something special for a child, and seeing their face light up with excitement! Here at Crochet Me we want to help you capture that joy by offering you five free patterns in one easy download. With something special for every child in your life, these free crochet patterns for kids will have you using this fabulous eBook again and again.

And because patterns for kids crochet up so much faster than those for adults, you'll love how quickly you’ll have a finished product in hand.

Download your free eBook, and get started crocheting for kids today!

Crochet for Kids with Crochet Me:
5 FREE Crochet Patterns for Kids

From one of our sweetest crochet dress patterns to one of our most beloved free crochet toy patterns, each of these kids crochet patterns was selected to stand-out in its own class—you'll love making these timeless pieces for friends and family. Best of all, each of these crochet patterns for kids will spark your imagination and satisfy your desire to create something that will be treasured for generations.

Kid's crocheted projects are small and quickly finished; they are an ideal stash-busting project, using only a few balls of yarn, and your little recipients will appreciate the thought that goes into a handmade gift. Free crochet patterns for children are also the perfect canvas on which to try a new technique such as embroidery on a crocheted fabric or a new stitch pattern.

5 Free Crochet Patterns for Kids

Free Crochet Patterns for Kids at Your Fingertips—
Download your FREE Kids Crochet eBook Today!

If you’re in need of gifts for some adoring kids, crochet something from the heart! These five free crochet patterns for kids are the perfect opportunity to get started on a few gifts, no matter the occasion. Download your free eBook today and surprise someone you love with a beautiful crochet dress or, poncho, crochet cardigan or stuffed toy. You'll just take pride in seeing the little one you love delight in something you made just for them.

Whether you choose to make all of them, or have a special favorite this eBook with 5 FREE Crochet Patterns for Kids is sure to be one pattern book you turn to again and again. Best of all, it's absolutely FREE!

  Crochet Me Free eBookw

Start crocheting for kids today! These patterns were hand selected by our staff to help you make something special for the extraordinary children in your life.

  • The first pattern found in this free download is an easy crochet cardigan that is worked in single crochet – perfect for the beginner or someone looking for a simple project to keep their fingers busy.
  • The next free project is a fantastic, Asian inspired cardigan from Crochet Me fan favorite, Robyn Chachula.
  • And who doesn’t love to cozy up under a nice warm poncho? Crochet our third gorgeous little pattern this weekend and keep her warm throughout the year.
  • Lovely, little, and free crochet dress patterns are hard to come by, which makes our fourth pattern a true pleasure to crochet. Kids will love wearing it as much as you will love making it.
  • Finally, from our own Toni Rexroat we have a great free crochet toy. Patterns like this are incredibly fun to make, but we have to admit, are rather difficult to part with. Make your own Prince Charming or thrill a child with a new friend of their very own.

Kids Crochet Cardigan: Sweetpea

Crochet Patterns for Kids—Crochet Cardigans

The Sweetpea Cardigan crochet pattern by Candi Jensen is a sweet crochet cardigan, embellished with embroidered ribbon flowers and a lace trim. The body of this easy cardigan is worked in single crochet, making it a great sweater project for a beginning crocheter. The little princess and the tomboy will both be enchanted by this sweater.

Kids Crochet Cardigan: Stella

The Stella Cardigan crochet pattern by Robyn Chachula is a great transitional garment, moving from spring to fall with ease. Frog closures add a fun Asian flair and add a pop of color to this unique toddler jacket. Visual crocheters will also find multiple stitch diagrams. This little cardigan is perfect for the girl who is one part mischief and one part sugar and spice.

Kids Crochet Poncho

Crochet Patterns for Kids—Crochet Poncho

The Toddler Poncho crochet pattern by Candi Jensen is worked in the round in a soft, warm washable wool. This easy project can be completed in a weekend and makes a fun accessory for tiaras and gowns as well as jeans and dresses. Two large pom-poms accent the easy shell and bobble pattern.

Kids Crochet Dress: Seashell and Posies

Crochet Patterns for Kids—Crochet Dress

The Seashell and Posies Dress crochet pattern by Elissa Sugishita is worked in a lacey shell pattern from the bottom up. Enjoy the minimal seaming in this crochet dress as you work just two small shoulder seams. Little girls will feel so pretty with the delicate flower trim at the waist of this lovely crochet dress.

Kids Crochet Toys: Frog Charming

Crochet Patterns for Kids—Crochet Toy

Our Frog Charming toy crochet pattern by Toni Rexroat will bring a touch of enchantment into their life! Toni was inspired by the story of the frog prince who fetched the princesses’ favorite ball after it was lost down a well. This fun free crochet toy pattern’s got it all, and is perfect for a little boy or girl!

Don't wait another minute, crochet dress patterns, poncho patterns
and toy patterns today!

Crocheting for kids has never been more fun! Download your free copy today and create something extraordinary for the special children in your life. Claim your gift of Crochet for Kids with Crochet Me: 5 Free Crochet Patterns for Kids today!

Surprise someone you love with a beautiful handmade gift from this eBook filled with 5 free crochet patterns for kids! Children will love these timeless pieces as much as you'll love making them. Don’t wait to select your favorite free pattern and begin to crochet—kids will love them and so will you.

Download your copy of Crochet for Kids with Crochet Me: 5 FREE Crochet Patterns for Kids!

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Make something beautiful for that special little someone!

Crochet for Kids with Crochet Me:
5 FREE Crochet Patterns for Kids

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