Ella Rose Set

I made this outfit for a friend.  

If you would like the pattern, please email me.  There is no charge.

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27 thoughts on “Ella Rose Set

      1. Dear Dawn,
        I wonder if you can help me. I need some advice. I am just finishing up the trim work on this set, but I had a bit of trouble with the bonnet. Specifically the row 18 instructions. It says to crochet the shells around the outer edge of the bonnet, and that’s fine, but then it says to work along the edges of the rows until you reach row 11, then work across that row, and then up along the other side of row ends. I understand the instructions, but it says to evenly space 24 stitches along each of those edges of row ends, and I just can’t seem to fit that many stitches in. I managed 20 on each edge, and it looks pretty good, but I was wondering if you had managed 24 stitches on each side. If so, how, and if not, how many did you use? I haven’t yet woven that end because I just can’t decide if I’m finished or not.

        Thanks a bunch for your help. I just started doing baby stuff, and it is absolutely addictive! 🙂


    Ive been trying to edit this post.
    Please be advised that this is not my pattern and I made a HUGH mistake by saying that you could email me for the pattern, free of charge. This is a paid pattern. I have provided the link to the website where I purchased this pattern. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.